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Streamlined contract drafting.
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ContractIQ is an AI-powered tool designed to significantly expedite the process of drafting and exporting contracts. It offers a seamless and efficient solution for creating precise contracts, allowing users to save time and deliver a more professional and reliable service to their clients.The tool provides a dynamic template selection that is tailored to various industries, ensuring that the generated contracts are relevant and accurate.

Users can easily input critical information such as parties involved, clauses, and terms, with the platform guiding them throughout the process to address every element.ContractIQ stands out from other legal AI tools due to its understanding of the world.

It has been trained on various sources, including Wikipedia, books, and the Internet, enabling it to reference facts about the world when necessary.Real-time editing capabilities are also offered, allowing users to effortlessly modify contracts using intuitive tools.

The tool supports a range of export formats, including PDFs and Word documents, providing compatibility with any platform.ContractIQ offers a free Standard plan with limited features and support.

However, users can upgrade to the Pro plan for unlimited contracts per month and priority support. Pricing for the Pro plan is affordable and scales with the growing needs of businesses.By joining ContractIQ, users can revolutionize their contract management process, streamlining and simplifying the creation of contracts while increasing their chances of success.


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Pros and Cons


Accelerates contract drafting
Dynamic template selection
Tailored to various industries
Guides user during input
Expertise in world facts
Real-time editing capabilities
Multiple export formats
Free standard plan
Affordable pro plan
Scalable pricing model
Unlimited contracts in pro plan
Revolutionizes contract management
Drafts contracts faster
Compatible with any platform
Priority support in pro plan
Increased precision of contracts
Effortless contract modification
Enhances professionalism
Improves service reliability
Supports service agreements
Supports NDAs
Supports leases
Supports various contract types
Reduces contract creation time
Enables success in contracts
Real-world facts referencing
Fast drafting and exporting
Helps maintain consistency
Transformative platform
User-friendly interface
Excellent user feedback


Limited features in free plan
Pro plan required for unlimited contracts
No real-time collaboration
No offline functionality
Doesn't support all export formats
Training sources possibly biased
Doesn't offer compliance check
Dependent on Internet connection
24 hours maximum response time for Pro support
Basic support for free plan


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How is ContractIQ's understanding of the world utilized in contract drafting?
What features does ContractIQ's free Standard plan offer?
What benefits can I get from upgrading to ContractIQ's Pro plan?
How much does the Pro plan of ContractIQ cost?
What is the average time taken to draft and export a contract using ContractIQ?
Can ContractIQ help me address every element in my contract?
How is ContractIQ beneficial for businesses?
What kind of support does ContractIQ offer to its users?
How can I get started with ContractIQ?
How has ContractIQ been transformative for its users?
Does ContractIQ have a guide in adding relevant information to a contract?
What export options does ContractIQ offer?
Can ContractIQ's contracts be customized to fit my needs?
What type of contracts can I draft using ContractIQ?

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