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Enabling chat for game, learning, and fun.
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Convai is a conversational AI-based service that allows developers to bring characters to life in virtual worlds, games, metaverse, and other applications.

The tool works by enabling a character with human-like conversation capabilities and connecting it to NPC assets inside game engines. Convai features an easy-to-use interface that allows developers to create a character's intelligence and plugins to connect it to character assets and worlds.

The tool offers a range of features such as open-ended, voice-based conversations, adding unlimited knowledge to make a character an expert, and scene perception and actions.

Convai addresses the problem of hallucination of information that occurs with large language models by adding a knowledge base for characters, which can help ensure accurate responses to user queries.

Convai finds extensive use in gaming, learning, and entertainment with AI characters. In gaming, developers can use Convai to enable NPCs with open-ended conversation capabilities, onboard users with conversational characters, and enable companion bots with intelligence to carry out commands and strategies.

In learning and socializing, Convai can be used to build AI tutors in XR that can teach any subject with reliable expertise, enable AI-guided training applications in various domains such as healthcare, legal, manufacturing, eCommerce, and populate worlds with AI assistants that can help visitors and make the world seem alive.Convai supports integrations with a range of platforms, including Unreal Engine, Unity, Nvidia Omniverse, Discord, and Roblox.

The tool offers documentation, a blog, FAQs, and a support center. Convai is useful for developers building the next generation of games and experiences.


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Jul 23, 2023
this is not an ai chat sight this is to create modles

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Pros and Cons


Supports multiple platforms
Easy-to-use interface
Open-ended voice conversations
In-game NPC conversational capabilities
Option for accurate knowledge base
Unlimited knowledgeable character creation
Scene perception and action commands
Built for real-time voice-based interactions
Solves hallucination problem for large models
End-to-end voice-based character interactions
Optimized for scale
Useful in learning and training
Characters execute actions based on motivation
Integrations for game engines
Character can be set to 'expert'
Conversations contribute to character development
Highly configurable character behavior
Companion bots with command execution
Creates more engaging gaming experiences
Good documentation
Support Center
NPC onboarding assistance
Extensive usage in different domains
Unique character backstory creation
Responsive UI for character creation
Simulates human-like conversation arity
Dedicated Plugins
On-demand video tutorials
Comprehensive FAQs
Real-time chat support
Useful blog updates
Handles large user base
Voice to voice interface
Integrations with social platforms
Option for testing on playground
Versatile use-cases
Adaptable to next-gen gaming
Multi-purpose character creation
Integrations with XR platforms
Real-world object scene comprehension
Contributes to making world alive
Performs actions based on user commands
Open API for custom integration
Promotes immersive learning experience
Supports creating characters with backstory and expertise


No clear pricing information
Potential hallucination problem
Limited platform integrations
Requires game engine expertise
No multi-language support mentioned
Excessive focus on gaming
No offline usage
No customization mentioned
Assumed developer-level user experience
No clear error handling mechanism


What is Convai?
How does Convai work?
How can I create a character using Convai?
What kind of integrations does Convai support?
In which fields can Convai be utilized?
Can Convai be used in educational or training applications?
What is the 'hallucination' problem in large language models that Convai addresses?
Can I make my AI character in Convai an expert?
How does Convai enrich gaming experiences?
Can characters designed with Convai perceive their virtual environment?
What is Convai's approach to scene perception and actions?
What are some use cases of Convai in the metaverse?
Can I add unlimited knowledge to my Convai character?
How does Convai deal with realtime voice-based interactions?
Does Convai have a dedicated support center?
How do I connect Convai to my game engine assets?
Can I use Convai for open-ended voice based conversations?
What platforms is Convai compatible with?
Where can I find Convai's documentation?
Is there a pricing model available for Convai?

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