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CoolAIid is an AI-based interior design tool that allows users to generate unique ideas and virtually stage their homes. With over 20 different styles available, users can get inspiration for any room and add a variety of features such as rugs, gallery walls and moldings.

The software also provides a library of the latest renders created with the tool. CoolAIid is free to use and requires no prior experience with interior design or AI technology.

With its intuitive user interface, users can quickly get started and begin creating their own designs. The tool is also highly customizable and allows users to adjust the dimensions, colors and textures of the elements in their designs.

CoolAIid is an ideal tool for those looking to create beautiful, unique and professional-looking designs for their homes.


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Coolaiid was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 26th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Generates unique interior designs
Over 20 design styles
Adds features to designs
Includes latest render library
Free to use
No prior experience required
Intuitive user interface
Highly customizable tool
Adjustable dimensions in designs
Adjustable colors in designs
Adjustable textures in designs
Create professional-looking designs
Ideal for home designs
Virtual staging feature
Inspiration for any room
Option to add moldings
Modern to rustic styles
Provides decorating ideas


No collaborative features
Limited design elements
Non-existent customer support
Not mobile-friendly
No offline mode
No AR or VR capability
No training resources available
No room scanning feature
Limited to 20 styles
No API for integration


What is CoolAIid?
How does CoolAIid generate interior design ideas?
What styles are available in CoolAIid?
Can I include specific features like rugs or gallery walls in my CoolAIid design?
Do I need any experience to use CoolAIid?
How customizable are the designs in CoolAIid?
How do I adjust dimensions, colors, and textures in CoolAIid?
What is the purpose of the library of the latest renders in CoolAIid?
How can I get started with CoolAIid?
Can CoolAIid be used for professional-looking designs?
Is CoolAIid free to use?
Is there a limit to how many designs I can create with CoolAIid?
Can I use CoolAIid in my business for virtual home staging?
Are there any tutorials or guides available for new users of CoolAIid?
Where can I find CoolAIid's pricing information?
How can I sign up for CoolAIid?
Does CoolAIid offer any inspiration for different rooms like living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms?
Where can I see the latest designs created with CoolAIid?
How often does CoolAIid update their styles and features?
Who do I contact if I have trouble using CoolAIid or if I have suggestions for improvement?

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