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An Amazon listing optimization solution.
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CopyMonkey is an AI-powered Amazon listing optimization tool. It helps sellers create listings that are optimized for search engine visibility, allowing them to rank organically on the first page.

It does this by using AI to generate keyword-optimized bullet points and descriptions that include all of the important keywords customers are searching for.

It also continuously optimizes listings based on competitor insights and utilizes Search Frequency Rank, Click Share & Conversion Share to apply relevant and potential keywords.

CopyMonkey also has an AI Amazon Copywriter, which takes care of the copywriting for you. It also offers a listing improvement suggestion feature that is based on sales results.

It has been proven by Amazon experts, with over 1000 sellers already using the tool.


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Pros and Cons


Optimizes Amazon listings
Generates keyword-optimized content
Utilizes competitor insights
Incorporates Search Frequency Rank
Uses Click Share & Conversion Share
Listing improvement suggestions
Based on sales results
Proven by Amazon experts
Used by 1000+ sellers
Generates content in seconds
Can work with any keyword research tool
Offers free starting plan
Creates product descriptions


Only for Amazon listings
Uses only English and Russian
No mobile app
No multi-platform support
Listing improvement suggestion 'soon'
Optimization based on competitors only
No way to customize SEO strategy
Keyword based optimization only


What is CopyMonkey?
How does CopyMonkey use AI to optimize Amazon listings?
How does CopyMonkey help sellers rank organically on Amazon's first page?
What does the AI Amazon Copywriter feature in CopyMonkey do?
What insights does CopyMonkey provide about competitors?
How does CopyMonkey utilize Search Frequency Rank, Click Share & Conversion Share?
Is there a feature in CopyMonkey that suggests improvements for listings based on sales results?
How many sellers are currently using CopyMonkey?
How can CopyMonkey help me with bullet points and descriptions in my listings?
Does CopyMonkey have a free trial?
What other tools does CopyMonkey work with?
Can CopyMonkey generate product descriptions?
What types of insights does CopyMonkey gather from competitors?
How reliable is CopyMonkey as per experienced Amazon sellers?
What additional features are available in CopyMonkey?
Why should I use CopyMonkey over other Amazon listing optimization tools?
Is CopyMonkey proven effective by Amazon experts?
What specific keywords does CopyMonkey help to include in Amazon listings?
How to get started with CopyMonkey?
What is the pricing for CopyMonkey?

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