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CorrectMyGrammar is an AI-powered online grammar checker and rephrasing tool that allows users to quickly and accurately check their grammar and spelling accuracy.

It provides a free and easy to use alternative to Grammarly and other similar services. It is designed to quickly identify and fix errors in text and writing in seconds, as well as rephrase essays, paragraphs, and sentences.

The tool also offers an AI Grammar Assistant feature that allows users to enter a sentence or paragraph and click to automatically correct the grammar.

The corrected sentence or paragraph can then be copied and pasted for use.

Correct My Grammar was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Free grammar checker
Rephrasing tool
Quick error identification
Quick error fixing
Automatic grammar correction
Copy and paste functionality
Identifies alternative words
Makes sentences more efficient
Easy to use
Requires no installation
Accessible online
Supports all English forms
Instant feedback
Accurate results
Supports long texts
Aims to improve writing
Useful for non-native speakers
Supports multiple writing styles
Detailed grammatical analysis
Comprehensive vocabulary suggestions
Personalized language learning


No offline functionality
No mobile application
Doesn't support multiple languages
No integration with writing platforms
Cannot handle technical or scientific texts
No plagiarism check
Lacks advanced grammar rules
No real-time correction feature
No user-friendly interface
Lacks context sensitive corrections


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Is there a limit to the amount of text CorrectMyGrammar can check at once?
Can I use CorrectMyGrammar on different devices?
Do I have to sign up or create an account to use CorrectMyGrammar?
Is my data safe when I use CorrectMyGrammar?
Can CorrectMyGrammar check for plagiarism?
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