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Summarize YouTube videos efficiently.
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Cortados is a tool designed to provide users with insightful and concise summaries of YouTube videos. By pasting an English YouTube link of less than 30 minutes, users can easily generate a summarized version of the video content.

It offers a Google Chrome extension for quick access to the functionality. The tool is working on adding new features, such as multi-lingual summaries, summaries for longer videos, and offline saving.The tool is aimed at enhancing the user experience by saving time and effort in consuming video content.

It eliminates the need to watch the entire video and provides key highlights and information in a condensed format. Its summarization feature is particularly useful for users who want to quickly grasp the essence of a video without investing a significant amount of time.Cortados requires users to sign up with their email address to access the tool and its additional features.

The pricing for the tool is mentioned as 5€ per month, but no specific details are provided regarding the full range of features included with this subscription.Overall, Cortados offers a valuable solution for users who want to efficiently extract the important points from YouTube videos, enabling them to save time and make informed decisions about which videos are worth watching in their entirety.


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Cortados was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 30th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Summarizes YouTube videos
For videos under 30 minutes
Google Chrome extension
Plans for multi-lingual summaries
Plans for longer video summaries
Offers offline saving
Time saving
Extracts key video highlights
User sign up for access
Affordable subscription cost
Upcoming feature enhancements


Only supports English videos
Only summarizes 30 minute videos
No details on subscription features
Mandatory email sign up
Doesn't support multi-lingual summaries yet
No summaries for longer videos yet
No offline saving feature yet
Google Chrome extension only
Pricing not detailed


What is Cortados?
How does Cortados work?
What is the purpose of Cortados?
How can I use Cortados?
Is Cortados available for any YouTube video?
Is there a time limit for the YouTube links Cortados can summarize?
What languages does Cortados support?
Can Cortados summarize non-English YouTube videos?
Is there a Google Chrome extension for Cortados?
How can I sign up for Cortados?
Does using Cortados require email registration?
What is the pricing for Cortados?
What features does a Cortados subscription include?
Are there plans to include multi-lingual summaries in Cortados?
Will Cortados support offline saving?
Is there a plan for Cortados to summarize longer videos?
How does Cortados enhance the user experience?
What does the 'Cortados - YouTube Insights' page title mean?
Can Cortados help me decide if a YouTube video is worth watching in its entirety?
Is it possible to use Cortados without a subscription?


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