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Efficient video editing with smart search.
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The video editor tool offered by Cosmos Technologies allows users to efficiently edit videos by creating clips, GIFs, and extracting audio and frames. The tool focuses on providing a fast and simple video editing experience.

It features a range of functions designed to streamline the editing process, allowing users to save time on repetitive tasks.One notable feature of this video editor is its AI-powered semantic video search.

By leveraging artificial intelligence technology, users are able to search for the most engaging scenes in their videos. This functionality can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of content creation.Additionally, the tool offers presets that assist in trimming and cropping content.

These presets help users reduce time spent on manual adjustments, enabling quicker editing workflows.To keep users up to date with the latest developments and provide additional support, the company offers documentation, tutorials, and development news through their blog and email updates subscription.For those interested in exploring the tool's capabilities further, the company provides a GitHub repository that includes their Cosmos Media API, Node React LLM Template, and Pluto Media Editing Library.Overall, the video editor tool by Cosmos Technologies is a valuable asset for individuals seeking a straightforward and efficient solution for creating clips, GIFs, and extracting audio and frames from their videos.


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Aug 18, 2023
Pretty cool app. I uploaded some of my own footage and was able to search for expressions and actions. Super easy to find interesting clips.

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Pros and Cons


Efficient video editing
Smart search functionality
Creates clips, GIFs
Extracts audio and frames
Semantic video search
Fast editing workflow
Trimming and cropping presets
Tutorials, blog and email updates
GitHub repository access
Cosmos Media API
Node React LLM Template
Pluto Media Editing Library
No credit card required for trial
Saves time on repetitive tasks


No video stabilization feature
Lack of advanced effects
No multi-track editing
Unspecified video output formats
No Offline functionality
No VR editing support
Limited presets
No voiceover option
Dependent on third-party libraries
Unspecified system requirements


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Is Cosmos video editor a downloadable software or can it be used online?

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