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AI-powered personalized cover letter writing.
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CoverLetterWrite is an AI tool designed to assist in writing personalized cover letters. By leveraging artificial intelligence, the tool can tailor the contents of a letter to align with specific company needs.

This process is facilitated by allowing the user to input relevant job postings. CoverLetterWrite then intelligently interprets the job description and matches the requirements to the user's provided skills and experiences.

This results in a cover letter that is customized to the expectations set by the potential employer, increasing the potential for a successful application.

Note that the tool expects job descriptions to be manually input by the user, as it may not fully capture all details if a job post is unreadable or poorly structured.

Also, it's essential to have the user's relevant experience available to personalize the cover letter. To gain accurate results, the tool relies on the user's input and may produce different outcomes based on given information.

CoverLetterWrite was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 22nd 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Tailored letter of motivation
Personalized suggestions
Text editor included
Save and access drafts
Quick cover letter creation
Job posting analysis
User-driven customization
Assists in career development
Useful for resume building
User input dependent
Supports Recruitment
Career technology implementation
Job post interpretation
Matching with user's skills
Aligns with company needs
Increases successful application potential
Allows for manual input
Results vary based on inputs


Inputs require manual entry
Dependent on user's accuracy
Uneven quality of results
Unable to decipher poor job descriptions
Doesn't support integrations
No standalone spelling and grammar check
Limited text editing capabilities
No support for phrase suggestions
Unreadable job postings can't be processed
No automation for repetitive tasks


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How does CoverLetterWrite align cover letters with specific company needs?
Can I use CoverLetterWrite if I don't have a specific job post to input?
How is CoverLetterWrite different from other cover letter tools?
Can CoverLetterWrite help to increase the success of my job application?
Does CoverLetterWrite produce different outcomes based on different user input?
Do I need to manually input job descriptions in CoverLetterWrite?
How does the AI assistant in CoverLetterWrite help to personalize cover letters?
How does CoverLetterWrite analyze job postings?

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