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Automated social media and marketing for industries.
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CoxPost is an AI-powered tool that combines social media management and marketing automation features. It offers a range of functionalities, including an AI-powered chatbot builder for Facebook and Instagram, automated comment reply on Facebook and Instagram, eCommerce capabilities for selling products within Messenger and Instagram DMs, lead generation from social media chats, email marketing, and SMS marketing.With CoxPost, users can create and customize chatbots using a drag and drop builder, engage with their audience by automatically replying to comments on Facebook and Instagram, schedule posts across various social media platforms in advance, simplify Google My Business services for marketing purposes, and manage multiple social media platforms to provide 24/7 customer support.The tool also allows users to collect email IDs inside Messenger for email marketing campaigns, segment email lists, and create beautiful email templates.

In addition, CoxPost facilitates SMS marketing by enabling users to collect phone numbers inside Messenger and export external lists.For businesses looking to sell online, CoxPost offers the option to sell goods, schedule meetings, nurture leads, collect contact information, and develop relationships through Messenger, Instagram, or WooCommerce integration.CoxPost is suitable for various businesses and service providers across different industries, such as pet groomers, cleaning services, recruiting and HR, sports and training, photography, tutoring, automotive services, restaurants, gyms, legal and financial services, and more.The tool offers a simple pricing plan for small businesses and provides monthly and yearly subscription options.


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