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Generate admin panels without coding via prompts.
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CraftAI is an experimental Admin Panel Generator that aims to create beautiful admin panels without any coding. This tool is backed by Craftable PRO, an admin generator for Laravel, and supercharged with GPT-4, a language model developed by OpenAI.

Users can enter their prompts or examples to describe the back-office system they want to generate, focusing on data entities, such as their attributes and relations with other entities.

Although currently in free BETA and purely for experimental purposes, users can verify their email addresses to receive a unique link with their own isolated environment, which can take up to five minutes to prepare.

Once their environment is ready, users will receive a confirmation email with a unique link to access their admin panel in the future. The tool's primary goal is to speed up the development of admin panels, CRM, or CMS systems and make technology more accessible to everyone.

BRACKETS, the company behind the tool, believes in empowering developers, entrepreneurs, and businesses to achieve their full potential by providing them with the tools they need to succeed.

CraftAI's unique selling proposition lies in its ability to create beautiful admin panels in just five minutes, without any coding, which can be particularly useful for non-tech people who want to create visually appealing systems.

However, since the tool is still experimental, users may experience problems with its generation, and they may need to edit the prompt or add new prompts to their existing environments to build new modules.


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CraftAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates admin panels
No coding required
Supercharged with GPT-4
Customizable with examples/prompts
Isolated user environments
Quick setup (5 minutes)
Designed for non-tech users
Supports multiple data entities
Generates CRM or CMS
Increases development speed
Craftable PRO for Laravel
Access to unique links
Easy email verification
Environment creation feedback
Allows prompt editing
Module addition friendly
Uniquely beautiful design
Craftable PRO backed
Free BETA version
Experimental tool benefits
Focused on accessibility
Empowers developers
Tool for entrepreneurs
Email for access confirmation
Personal environment preparation


Still experimental
Generation issues possible
Prompt editing needed
Limited to Laravel
Email verification required
Environment preparation delay
No direct access
Isolated environment
Relies on Craftable PRO
Limited data entities management


What is CraftAI?
What is the process to create an admin panel with CraftAI?
What coding skills do I need to use CraftAI?
Does CraftAI support email verification?
How long does it take for my environment to get prepared in CraftAI?
Can I access my CraftAI admin panel in the future?
What kind of tools does CraftAI provide to help in creating admin panels, CRM, or CMS systems?
What is the GPT-4 language model used in CraftAI?
What is the Craftable PRO that CraftAI is backed by?
Can I write my own prompts in CraftAI?
Since CraftAI is still experimental, what type of problems might I experience?
Can I edit or add new prompts to my existing environments with CraftAI?
What does CraftAI mean by 'isolated environment'?
What is the relation between BRACKETS and CraftAI?
What is the primary goal of CraftAI?
Who is CraftAI intended for?
Is CraftAI really free and in BETA?
How does CraftAI make technology more accessible?
What might be some good examples of prompts to use in CraftAI?
Why do I need to verify my email address on CraftAI?

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