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Platform for fast photo and video editing.
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Cre8tiveAI is an AI-based SaaS platform designed to help users with photo, illustration and video editing tasks. It can complete tasks in under 10 seconds, such as automatic painting, increasing resolution, clipping, layering and color correction.

Photo Refiner is an AI tool that can improve the resolution of pictures and illustrations by up-converting them by a factor of 16 times. Face Refiner is an AI tool that identifies faces in a photo and improves the quality of the photo by removing out-of-focus and noise, as well as increasing the overall resolution of the photo.

SAI is an AI tool that draws face illustrations of characters by learning the characteristics of the characters. Enpainter is an AI tool that transforms photographs into paintings in the style of more than a dozen international artists, including Van Gogh, Monet, Gauguin, Cézanne and Munch.

Moving Photo Maker is an AI tool that generates video by converting photos with no depth information into 3D and adding 13 different types of camera work.

Line Drawer is an AI tool that generates 9 types of line drawings from a single image that can be used in manga and anime backgrounds. Mono Painter is a creative AI tool that can convert monochrome photos into color photos.

Portrait Drawer is a creative AI tool that identifies faces in photos and generates 8 types of portraits. Anime Art Painter is a creative AI tool that generates watercolor-style and other backgrounds from a single photo for use in animation.

Lastly, PNG Smallify is an AI tool that reduces the size of a PNG file by reducing the color without reducing the visual quality.


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Pros and Cons


Fast editing (under 10 seconds)
Auto painting of photos
16x image up-convert
Face detection and quality improvement
Face illustrations by learning character
Transforms photos into paintings
Mimics various international artists style
3D conversion of 2D photos
Generates video from photos
Produces 9 types of line drawings
Coloring of monochrome photos
Face recognition for portraits
Generates 8 types of portraits
Creates watercolor-style backgrounds
Preserves PNG quality while reducing size
Removes out-of-focus and noise
Creates anime background from photos
Generates line drawings for manga/anime


Requires JavaScript Enabled
Constrained by credits system
Low image upload resolution
Limited data access period
No explicit API mention
No batch processing


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