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Social media video content creation and management.
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Creatus.AI is an AI-powered platform that offers a range of features to content creators looking to create, schedule, publish, and manage social media videos.

The platform provides a user-friendly browser-based interface, with no need for any technical expertise or expensive software. Its features include text-to-video, text-to-image, text-to-speech, face swap videos, talking photos, multi-scene videos, and a creative editor with various fonts, images, icons, and shapes.

The platform also offers 100+ AI avatars of different ethnicities, ages, and poses to elevate the videos. One of the striking features of Creatus.AI is its generative AI, which can generate endless social media content including ideas, posts, tweets, threads, captions, hooks, scripts, and outlines with just a click.

The app is built with extensive training on high-performing copy from top brands that can resonate with the audience. The AI-enabled chatbot is also a noteworthy feature with 4x the capabilities and internet access.

Users can use the app's advanced editing tools to fine-tune their video content and choose their favorite background music.Overall, Creatus.AI is a one-stop solution for content creators who want to maximize their potential in social media by generating engaging and high-quality videos.

With its analytical tools, users can track performance, make data-driven decisions and maximize reach and engagement.


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Creatus was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 26th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Browser-based interface
No technical expertise required
Text-to-video feature
Text-to-image feature
Text-to-speech feature
Face swap videos
Talking photos
Multi-scene videos
Endless social media content creation
Advanced editing tools
Option for background music
In-depth analytical tools
Data-driven decisions
Wide range of fonts
Variety of images
Assortment of icons
Selection of shapes
Trains on high-performing copy
Directly post to channels
Schedule posts in advance
Performance tracking
Maximize reach and engagement
Easy sharing of videos
Ready-made creative styles
Generates content that resonates
Can turn image into video
200+ voices for text-to-speech
Supports 20+ languages
Generates endless content ideas
Generates social media hooks
Generates scripts and outlines
Creative editor included
Video sharing feature
Custom unique image creation
Resonates with audience
Generates high-converting content
Generates high-quality social media videos
Generates multilingual content
Generates captions for social media
Generates content for different platforms
As simple as a click


Lacks mobile app
No offline mode
No API provided
Advanced editing tools needed
Only browser-based
Limited integrations
Performance tracking basic
Limited customizability options


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Does Creatus.AI have a feature to convert text into speech?
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What training has the AI of Creatus.AI undergone regarding content generation?

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