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All-in-One CRM and Customer Support Solution on Autopilot
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Users hate "Usual response time is hours/days" for a chatbot. Thus, we decided to solve this problem by building CronbotAI, a tool that can reply to your users queries in seconds using AI trained on your data, such as website content. With CronbotAI, you can:

- Deploy a customisable AI live chat widget to your website/dashboard in two minutes.
- Have a CRM to manage leads and the sales cycle.
- Connect your chatbot with tools you use every day, such as Slack & Email.
- Have analytics to pinpoint common user pain points, enabling you to enhance your product.


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CronbotAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 24th 2023.

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Pros and Cons


Chat-based data analysis
Uses GPT-3.5 Turbo
Plans to incorporate GPT-4
Seamless dialogues with bot
Data organization with 'Spaces'
Enhanced data security
Supports PDF data sources
Plans for diverse data compatibility
Flexible plans for businesses
Includes encryption support
Increased messaging limits
Personalized onboarding and training
Customizable usage statistics
Priority access to new features
Upcoming file extension support
Actionable insights extraction
Accessible support channels
Pro and Premium plans
Enterprise plan for customization
Email, chat, phone support
Plans for extended API integration
Streamlined information exchange
Webinars and workshops access
Streamlines large data examination
Controlled access to information
Control over conversation stream
Efficient data management
Compliance including GDPR, SOC 2
2FA, SSO in higher plans
ISO 27001 compliance in Premium
Custom security for Enterprise
Detailed usage stats in Pro
Custom compliance services for Enterprise
Dedicated account manager in Enterprise
Priority for new features, beta access
Broad scope of data sources
Excel, CSV compatibility coming
Hubspot, Slack integrations coming
Actionable insights, effective solutions
Transformative data management approach
Personalized training sessions for Enterprise
Standard encryption & SSL protection


Limited data source compatibility
Chat limitation on plans
High tier plans unreleased
Adding more users costs more
GPT-4 might increase cost
Lack of instant support
Limited to PDF data sources
Lacks multi-language support
Beta integrations for chat platforms
Unspecified data security measures


What is CronbotAI AI?
What are the key features of CronbotAI AI?
What AI models does CronbotAI AI use?
What is GPT-3.5 Turbo and how is it used in CronbotAI AI?
What are 'Spaces' in CronbotAI AI and how do they work?
What file types does CronbotAI AI support?
What are the advantages of using CronbotAI AI over traditional data analysis methods?
What are the available plans for CronbotAI AI and what features are included in each plan?
Does CronbotAI AI offer a trial period?
What are the upcoming features in CronbotAI AI?
What type of data security measures does CronbotAI AI have?
How many users can access CronbotAI AI under each plan?
How can CronbotAI AI be integrated with other applications?
How does the chat feature in CronbotAI AI work?
What resources are available to learn more about using CronbotAI AI?
How can CronbotAI AI improve my data handling?
What are the customizable usage statistics offered by CronbotAI AI?
What does it mean to have priority access to new features and beta programs in CronbotAI AI?
What is the maximum number of documents supported by CronbotAI AI?
Is phone support available for all CronbotAI AI plans?

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