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Transforming discussions into search engine results.
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CrowdView is a search engine that focuses on sourcing content from discussions on numerous internet forums. This tool provides a unique approach to data sourcing by leveraging the power of community information and shared experiences.

The primary purpose of CrowdView is to find relevant, real-time insights from online discussions that could inspire users, help them make informed decisions, or just satisfy their curiosity about a range of topics.

The search inquiries aren't restricted to any specific niche or subject. For instance, users can search for diverse topics ranging from finding the best espresso machines, advice about barefoot running shoes, suggestions for beginner mountain bikes, understanding stable diffusion, board game recommendations, or discussions about the latest M2 Macbook Air.

With a user-friendly interface, CrowdView provides quick, real-time data from various online forums, making it an exceptional tool for those seeking user-generated content and diverse opinions in a straightforward and accessible way.

By harnessing the collective wisdom of online communities, it gives players a unique perspective that is hard to achieve with traditional search engines.


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Mar 24, 2024
This is more of a search engine of reddit, than AI with answers.
Sep 11, 2023
really like this idea, since 90% of the time I put 'reddit' in my google searches, BUT this had 0 results for simple terms I tried to search

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Pros and Cons


Comprehensive topic list
Public domain discussion filtering
Search result refinement options
Keywords, categories, date filtering
Transforms discussions into results
Focused on user-generated content
Real-time updates
Wide range of topics
Collective wisdom harnessing
Inspires users
Facilitates informed decisions
Satisfies user curiosity
User-friendly interface
Quick data provision
Access to diverse opinions
Offers unique perspective
Provides real-time insights
Not restricted to specific niche
Searches across various online forums


Can't prioritize search results
Relies on public discussions
No verified expert opinions
No private browsing mode
Unstructured data sourcing
Only English language supported
No advanced search options
Subject to online misinformation
Minimal content filtering
Dependent on active communities


How does CrowdView work?
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How is CrowdView different from other traditional search engines?
How realtime are the updates on CrowdView?
Can I search based on dates on CrowdView?
Is CrowdView designed to cater to a particular niche or subject?
Does CrowdView rely on user-generated content?
How can CrowdView help me make informed decisions?
Is CrowdView data sourced from multiple online forums or a specific one?
Can CrowdView provide me with information on the best espresso machines?
Can I find board game recommendations on CrowdView?
How user-friendly is CrowdView's interface?
How does CrowdView harness the collective wisdom of online communities?
Is CrowdView useful for curiosity fulfillment or gaining new information?
Where does CrowdView source its information from?
Can CrowdView help me understand stable diffusion?
Can I use CrowdView to find discussions about M2 Macbook Air?
Does CrowdView provide any additional features apart from a search engine?
Is CrowdView good for information seekers?

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