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Automates vocal track enhancement and mastering.
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Cryo Mix is an online AI mixing and mastering tool designed to enhance the quality of vocal tracks. With a user-friendly interface, the tool allows users to upload their raw vocal, beat, and backing vocal files for processing.

Using cutting-edge AI technology, Cryo Mix automatically analyzes and processes the uploaded files to deliver professional-quality mixing and mastering results.The tool offers a range of features and options, such as adjusting vocal volume, advanced mix settings, and the ability to add backing/adlib layers.

It supports various file formats like WAV and MP3, and users can track the progress of the processing stages.Cryo Mix emphasizes reliability and instant results, providing artists with an efficient solution for improving their rap mixes.

While primarily focused on rap, the tool is also working on adding support for other music styles.Developed by Cryo (Craig McAllister), a platinum-certified engineer with a background in electronics and electrical engineering, Cryo Mix has been trusted by industry professionals and artists with millions of streams.

The tool is designed to cater to the needs of artists, offering a fast-paced and high-quality mixing and mastering service to help them keep up with the demands of the music industry.In addition to AI mixing and mastering, Cryo Mix also offers other AI-powered tools like AI Audio Separator for extracting stems and AI Beat Optimizer for enhancing instrumental tracks.


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Pros and Cons


Automates vocal track enhancement
User-friendly interface
Supports multiple file formats
Progress tracking of processing
Adjustable vocal volume
Features advanced mix settings
Backings/adlib layers addable
Instant, reliable results
Applicable to rap music
Developed by platinum-certified engineer
Trusted by industry professionals
Magic Touch feature for vocals
Designed for artists' needs
File format flexibility
Rapid processing
Available subscription for premium services
Future genre expansion
Allows to mute vocals and beat
Built by experienced audio engineer
Capable of multiple file uploads
Tracks upload and analysis stages
Allows vocal and beat separation
Analyzes in over 1000 frequency bands
Direct contact support for subscribed users
Self-service cancellation system
Option to deactivate pitch correction
Reading option for EQ correction
Control over highs/treble
Mids editable
Option to control lows/bass
Compression adjustable
De-essing option
Control over short/long reverb
Saturation adjustable
Denoise feature
High pass filter option
Noise gate option
Ability to add wide effect
Optimized for hip-hop/rap
Improved Lyric Analyzer


No real-time progress updates
Doesn't support FLAC files
No permanent file storage
Limited to 6 minutes
Only supports rap music
No multiple vocal uploads
Free users only get sample
Subscription required for downloads


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How many files can be uploaded to Cryo Mix?
What is the maximum length of audio that Cryo Mix can process?
How long does Cryo Mix retain the uploaded files?
Who retains the rights of the music after Cryo Mix processing?
Can I cancel my Cryo Mix subscription at any time?
What are the pricing options for Cryo Mix?
Which audio formats are recommended for Cryo Mix?
Where can I find Cryo Mix's privacy policy and terms of service?
What is AI Audio Separator available on Cryo Mix?
What is AI Beat Optimizer and how does it work?
How does Cryo Mix help improve rap mixes?


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