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Cut through noise to only capture your voice.
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CrystalSound is a smart noise cancelling and screen recording application that provides solutions for challenges typically encountered during virtual meetings.

The application is built with innovative AI-driven noise cancelling technology which includes bi-directional noise cancellation, background voice suppression, microphone volume booster, and acoustic echo suppression.

These features help users focus during meetings by reducing distracting background noises. The recording capability captures screen and bidirectional audio, and offers cloud recordings that are easily shareable with automatic titles for easy retrieval.

It also provides a smart analysis of the recordings, generating meeting minutes, keywords, and performance insights, which could help improve productivity and communication.

Furthermore, CrystalSound simplifies the user experience by serving as a unified recording hub that integrates smoothly with different conferencing tools already in use.

This supports a more efficient workflow and a cohesive meeting experience. Users have reported a significant enhancement in their communication experience, particularly in noisy environments, through CrystalSound's comprehensive noise cancelling, ease of integration and deep neural network technology.

CrystalSound was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 1st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Locally operates
Highly privacy protective
Compatible with multiple apps
Enhances specific voice clarity
User-friendly interface
Easy installation
Noise reduction in recordings
Noise-free calls capability
Ideal for noisy environments
Effective in group settings
Improves transcription accuracy
Facilitates easier editing
Enhances listening experience
Used for customer service
Improves audio quality
Tested with hours of audio
Provides noise-free audio
Amplifies user's voice
Useful for industry professionals
Valuable for frequent call users
Positive testimonials
Ideal for online meetings


Not open-source
No API available
Local processing limits mobility
Limited to specific apps compatibility
No offline mode
No multi-language support
Non-customizable voice enhancement
No automated background noise detection


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