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Generative image editing for filmmakers and creators.
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Cuebric is a generative AI tool that aims to revolutionize the preproduction and production process for filmmakers and content creators. It enables users to quickly create immersive 2.5D cinematic environments, enhancing their creative process and allowing them to focus on their vision and storytelling.

Studios and virtual production companies can leverage Cuebric to boost efficiency and foster creativity by crafting cinematic environments and enhancing visual content.

Filmmakers can optimize their creative process by rapidly constructing immersive environments, while producers can rely on Cuebric to improve production timelines and reduce costs.

With Cuebric's AI-powered image generation and editing tools, artists can create extraordinary content, transforming their imagination into stunning visuals.

The tool offers features such as AI image generation, AI image segmentation for object, depth, and shape-based segmentations, AI image inpainting to fill gaps in segmented images, and AI superscaling to turn HD images into camera-ready LED screen definitions up to 8K.Cuebric also provides an image editor with various editing tools like erasing, brushing, color editing, and other in-demand features to complement the AI workflow.Cuebric is a browser-based application, requiring an internet connection to run.

It is based on Stable Diffusion and offers different models such as Cuebric Classic, Cuebric Moody, and Cuebric Sci-Fi for users to choose from.Overall, Cuebric aims to enable filmmakers and creatives to go from concept to camera in minutes, providing them with powerful AI tools to enhance their production process and deliver high-quality content efficiently.


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