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Customer feedback analysis & organization.
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CustomerIQ is a powerful and flexible AI-assisted workspace designed to help teams collect and synthesize customer feedback. It enables users to capture and organize all customer feedback, including calls, support tickets, reviews, interviews, and notes.

By using AI, CustomerIQ automatically synthesizes and makes all customer feedback searchable, providing valuable insights that anyone within the company can easily access and understand.

The tool offers scalable organization features, allowing users to create folders and organize various types of feedback, including text and video. CustomerIQ utilizes AI to transcribe audio/video, normalize text, and automatically extract insights, making it easier to analyze and derive valuable information from customer interactions.

With lightning-fast search capabilities powered by text embeddings, CustomerIQ enables users to quickly find and synthesize relevant insights. It also offers semantic search functionality, allowing users to filter feedback by topic.

AI-powered clustering and classification features help users discover and tag themes in seconds.CustomerIQ promotes collaboration by breaking down silos and providing every customer-facing team with access to valuable customer research.

The tool facilitates real-time collaboration on flexible block-based documents, allowing users to organize and present findings in their desired format.

AI-powered widgets provide quick summaries of findings.Additionally, CustomerIQ ensures scalability and synchronization by offering real-time response analysis and integration with over 1,000 other tools.

Users can automate data analysis with scheduled automations, streamlining the process.Overall, CustomerIQ provides a comprehensive solution for collecting, organizing, and synthesizing customer feedback, helping companies gain valuable insights to build and market solutions that their customers love.

CustomerIQ was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 8th 2023.
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