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Customer prospecting and engagement for businesses.
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CustomerPing is an AI tool designed to help businesses find new customers by continuously scanning the internet and sending notifications when potential customers discuss problems that the business could solve.

It allows users to create their own "radar station" by specifying relevant topics and forums for the AI to search. When the AI finds articles or conversations related to the user's business interests, it ranks them against the user's criteria and sends a notification, or "ping," to the user's device.By automating the prospecting process, CustomerPing aims to save time and effort for entrepreneurs who would otherwise manually search forums for potential customers.

The tool provides an RSS feed that can be subscribed to on various platforms such as mobile phones, Slack, Notion, and email, ensuring that users can receive notifications wherever they are.When users receive a ping, they are encouraged to join the conversation, help potential customers, build trust, and ultimately sell their solutions.

The tool emphasizes its understanding of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and its dedication to supporting them in acquiring customers.CustomerPing offers a sign-up option with a free package that includes a limited number of credits, and users can later purchase more credits to continue using the service.

The AI's ability to prioritize relevant articles based on user-defined criteria ensures that users only receive notifications about the most interesting and valuable opportunities.Overall, CustomerPing is a tool that streamlines customer discovery by leveraging AI to monitor online discussions, enabling businesses to proactively engage with potential customers and grow their customer base.


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