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Generated by ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered platform specifically designed to evaluate and analyze CVs. The primary function of this tool is to streamline the recruitment process by evaluating candidate applications in a swift and effective manner.

The platform uses AI to scrutinize applications, allowing recruiters to navigate through large volumes of submissions without sacrificing accuracy or time-efficiency. is highly effective in parsing and understanding the content in a CV, extracting valuable information such as qualifications, experience and skills.

It then uses this data to derive objective and intelligent assessments of potential candidates. This enables recruiters and hiring managers to make informed decisions based on the comprehensive insights provided by the tool.

Whether you are a recruitment agency, a human resources professional, or a small business owner, can help you manage the daunting task of sorting and ranking candidates, thereby improving the efficiency and quality of your hiring process.

Please note that the tool's performance may vary depending on the quality and consistency of data provided in CV submissions.


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Nov 16, 2023
Your website offers valuable and informative content, which we have been discussing on <a href="">TruResume</a>. The resume maker and online resume builder are especially beneficial for students looking to <a href="">create resume online</a>.

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Pros and Cons


Quick resume filtering
Improving hiring accuracy
Automated multi-language support
Reuse of CV pools
Easy to use interface
Direct candidate contact
Multiple pricing plans
Precision in candidate ranking
Objective candidate assessments
Extensive data extraction
Supports any size business
Increase recruitment efficiency
Quality of hiring improvement
Saves time and effort
CV content understanding
Parse qualifications, experiences, skills
Streamlined recruitment process
Handle large application volumes
Performance depends on CV quality


No integrated ATS
Doesn't support batch uploads
No GDPR compliance mentioned
No mobile application
May vary with CV quality
No listed integrations
No diversity or bias checks
No candidate ranking system
No customizable filters
Limited export options


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