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Simplify hiring through objective resume analysis.
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CVGrader is a comprehensive AI-powered platform designed to make hiring simpler and more accurate. It allows employers to quickly and objectively filter out irrelevant resumes, improving hiring accuracy and finding top-tier candidates in a streamlined process.

It supports automated multi-language support, allowing employers to upload CVs and ask questions in any language. CVGrader can also reuse existing pools of CVs for new positions, saving employers time and effort.

The service is easy to use - employers simply create a new job position, upload candidate CVs, and the AI will parse and extract position-related data and provide recommendations.

Finally, employers can export full AI analysis or contact job seekers directly. CVGrader is free to try, and offers different plans for different needs.


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Nov 16, 2023
Your website offers valuable and informative content, which we have been discussing on <a href="">TruResume</a>. The resume maker and online resume builder are especially beneficial for students looking to <a href="">create resume online</a>.

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Pros and Cons


Simplifies hiring process
Quickly filters irrelevant resumes
Improves hiring accuracy
Automated multi-language support
Allows for question asking in any language
Reuses existing CV pools
Supports new job creation
Directly extract position-related data
Enables direct contact with job seekers
Free trial available
Different pricing plans available
Provides unbiased answers
Auto-detects original language
Automated language translation
Existing CV pool reusability for other positions
Allows marking candidates for interview
Time and effort saver
Supports large candidate pool analysis
User-friendly drag & drop uploader
Auto PDF parsing
Customizable questions
Rapid candidate selection
Saves hundreds of hours


No mention of encryption
No data privacy features
May not support all languages
Translation accuracy not guaranteed
Limited to PDF uploads
No free plan for businesses
Credit based pricing
No mobile application
No custom question feature
No integration with job boards


What is CVGrader?
How does CVGrader streamline the hiring process?
Does CVGrader support multiple languages?
Can I ask questions in any language in CVGrader?
Is CVGrader capable of reusing existing CV pools for new positions?
How does one use CVGrader?
What are the recommendations provided by CVGrader based on?
Is CVGrader free to use?
What are the different plans offered by CVGrader?
How does CVGrader help in making unbiased hiring decisions?
How does CVGrader handle CVs in different languages?
Can I automatically translate CVs using CVGrader?
Can I assess CVs applied to one position across all open positions using CVGrader?
How is CVGrader integrated into the hiring process?
Can I directly contact job seekers through CVGrader?
What is the process to upload CVs on CVGrader?
Can I ask custom questions on CVGrader?
How does CVGrader prioritize the accuracy of hiring?
Can I export the full AI analysis from CVGrader?
What kind of support is available for CVGrader users?

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