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Merging AI & Support to transform customer experience
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CX Genie is a virtual agent powered by AI that aims to enhance business processes by providing faster, consistent, and tailored customer experiences. It effectively brings together AI technology and your support team to ensure efficient operations.

As an AI chatbot, CX Genie is designed with an easy-to-use interface that allows for real-time performance viewing, chatbot management, and effective engagement with customers.The platform is adaptable for various sectors including customer service teams, e-commerce and retail businesses, marketing and sales teams, financial services, and technology and software startups.

It aids customer service teams in automating FAQ responses, offers 24/7 support, and personalises interactions. E-commerce businesses can use CX Genie to engage customers, provide real-time assistance, and offer product recommendations.

Beyond basic functionalities, CX Genie continues to learn from each conversation, adapting to user behavior and continually improving based on human feedback.

It understands user intent and delivers personalized responses. It is equipped with multiple features such as effective communication employing natural language, auto-learning, a feedback loop for success, and intent detection.

Moreover, CX Genie functions as a hybrid model, incorporating both AI and human conversation. It also allows for integrations with your favorite platforms like Messenger, Whatsapp, Wordpress, and Shopify.

Ultimately, CX Genie seeks to transform how businesses operate by automating tasks and personalizing user experiences.


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Pros and Cons


Enhances business processes
Faster customer service
Consistent customer experiences
Easy-to-use interface
Real-time performance viewing
Manageable chatbot
Engaging customer interactions
Various sector adaptability
Automates FAQ responses
24/7 support
Personalized interactions
E-commerce customer engagement
Real-time assistance
Product recommendations
Self-learning proficiency
Improved by human feedback
User behavior adaptation
Understands user intent
Delivers personalized responses
Natural language communication
Effective feedback loop
Intent detection
Hybrid model functionality
Integration with popular platforms
Task automation
Personalizes user experiences
Trustworthy for over 6000+ customers
Auto-learning & human-powered improvement
Effective communication, Naturally
Intent detection & personalized messaging
Easy to use workspace
Multiple data sources
Supports multimedia interactions
Hybrid Model with 24/7 availability
Dynamic chatbot conversation builder
Intelligent product recommendation
Easily integrates popular platforms
Building with no coding required
Monthly and annually flexible plans
Mobile app availability
Excellent customer reviews
Continuous development and updates
Data-driven decisions support
API access
No credit card required for starting
Continuous learning based on human agents input
Affordable Life-time deals
Informative and supportive discord channel


Limited third-party integrations
No voice-based interactions
Inflexible chatbot personality
Limited Multilingual Support
Lack of comprehensive analytics
No On-premise solution for lower plans
Limited team members in basic plan
No custom branding in basic and premium plans
No API access in basic and premium


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