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Harnessing satellite data and AI for precise agricultural analysis.
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Cybertiks is an innovative agtech solution that leverages the power of remote sensing, satellite data, and AI for precise agricultural analysis. Its primary aim is to transform the landscape of carbon farming and sustainable agriculture.

Cybertiks provides insights into soil nutrients and texture via satellite using advanced AI models. It specializes in delivering custom solutions to diverse industries worldwide and its key area of expertise is remote sensing of industrial requirements, realized by integrating AI models trained on a vast range of fields.

Cybertiks enables farming enterprises to analyze any field in the world remotely and derive necessary metrics. The platform's AI models, tailored for each metric, undergo rigorous testing and validation, promising a high degree of accuracy.

It also allows users to monitor their field status for analysis changes regularly. Cybertiks captures thermodynamic information from a range of electromagnetic sensors to classify and quantify natural resources, elements, and minerals.

The company also specializes in custom software development applying extensive experience in frontend and backend architectures and implementations. Cybertiks is unique by its integration of several sources of information to deliver a complete and strategic vision, verifying validations from industrial organizations, and data synchronization from various detection sensors.


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Pros and Cons


Remote sensing and agtech
Harnesses satellite and drone imagery
Precise agricultural analysis
Identifies growing or potential plants
Measures water availability via satellite
Detects nutrients, erosion, soil quality
Analyses pollution and plague levels
Detects human activity via radars
Monitors oil spills and leakages
Monitors waste deposits and construction projects
Models land topography
Delivers tailored client solutions
Generates customized reports quickly
Integrates multiple data sources
Classifies and quantifies natural resources
Frontend and backend architecture expertise
Captures thermodynamic information
Analyzes any field in the world remotely
Monitoring field status regularly
Certified and validated data
Visualizes analysis results on map
Historical insights from satellite archive
Spectral signature classification
Correlates large amounts of data
Custom SaaS development
Data synchronization from various sensors
Can detect any mineral or element
Specialized in agricultural metrics
Transforms landscape of carbon farming
Promotes sustainable agriculture
Soil nutrients and texture analysis
High degree of model accuracy
Software development expertise
Quantification of identified elements
Custom solutions for each customer


Relies heavily on clear satellite imagery
No real-time monitoring
Can't detect underground minerals
Limited topography modeling capability
Dependency on spectral signatures
Restricted resolution (up to 100m2)
Highly specific to agriculture
Limited client customization options
No in-field data collection


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Does Cybertiks offer customized solutions?
In what ways does Cybertiks analyze and identify natural resources?
How does Cybertiks classify and quantify the presence of elements and minerals?
What kind of software development does Cybertiks provide?
How accurate are Cybertiks' AI models?
Can Cybertiks detect and synchronize data from different sensors?
What industries can benefit from using Cybertiks?
How does Cybertiks contribute to sustainable agriculture and carbon farming?
Can Cybertiks monitor oil spills and leakages?
How can Cybertiks provide geospatial analysis for precision agriculture?
What are the capabilities of Cybertiks' SaaS solutions?
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