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Analyzed farmland via imagery, produced reports.
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Cybertiks is an AI-based tool that leverages remote sensing and agtech to harness the power of satellite and drone imagery for precise agricultural analysis.

This tool can detect which plants are growing or can be grown in a specific field as well as measuring water availability, nutrients, erosion, soil quality, pollution and plague levels, all via satellite.

It can also detect human activity with satellite radars by detecting different electromagnetic traces it leaves and monitor oil spills and leakages. In addition, it can evaluate the progress, monitor waste deposits and model land topography for large construction or infrastructure projects.

With Cybertiks, users can analyze any field in the world remotely and get those metrics they need the most. The tool also uses Artificial Intelligence to correlate large amounts of data, generate customized reports and necessary information in short periods of time.

It models information to deliver exactly what the client needs by integrating multiple sources and formats that would not be possible to integrate otherwise.

Cybertiks offers tailored solutions for each of its clients by using thermodynamic information captured by electromagnetic sensors to classify and quantify the presence of natural resources, elements, and minerals.

The tool can analyze, identify, measure and correlate data to generate necessary reports and information using AI. Additionally, Cybertiks builds custom SaaS applying its years of experience in frontend and backend architectures and implementations.


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Pros and Cons


Remote sensing capabilities
Precise agricultural analysis
Detection of growing plants
Measures water availability
Erosion measurement capability
Soil quality analysis
Pollution analysis via satellite
Monitors plague levels
Detects human satellite activity
Monitor oil spills and leakages
Evaluates progress in construction
Waste deposit monitoring
Land topography modelling
Customized report generation
Diverse data integration
Thermodynamic information processing
Evaluates natural resource presence
Identifies and classifies elements
Custom SaaS development
Analyzes any field worldwide
Historical satellite images
Identifies mineral resources
Detects total supply of resources
Detection of electromagnetic traces
Water quality measurements
Microseepage exploration
Construction progress evaluation
Land classification
Verified validations from organizations
Data synchronization
Optical and radar data integration
Quantum-enabled artificial intelligence
Element detection and quantification
Measurement and data correlation
Frontend and backend architectures
Satellite or drone imagery
Detects spectrographic fingerprints
100% return on investment
Condition-specific element range
10 years of experience
Spectral signature classification
30+ projects completed
Years of experience in SaaS
Integration of different data formats
Analysis of necessary metrics


No real-time analysis
Dependent on weather conditions
Requires strong network connection
Complex interface
Customizations might be expensive
No mentions of data security
Only historical data for 18 months
Accuracy rates not clear
Accuracy might vary per field
Field size limits


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How long has Cybertiks been operating?
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