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Professional product photos without a physical photo shoot.
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Dabble is an AI-powered virtual photo studio tailored to the unique requirements of e-commerce businesses. It offers a platform from which vendors can create professional-grade product images without the need for physical photo shoots.

The service relies on hyper-realistic Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) to model and display products in a variety of scenes. Users upload existing product photos as references, then choose a studio scene from Dabble's library or customize their own.

Subsequently, the platform generates multiple photographic depictions of the artifacts in the chosen setting. The service allows users to manage all aspects of the scene, such as the design of the interior, camera angles, and lighting conditions, to ensure their products standout.

With Dabble, businesses can tap into limitless creative options for their lifestyle scenes while benefiting from the 'SCAN TO SHOOT' technology that facilitates the creation of life-like 3D models of every product type with great accuracy.

This covers complex shapes, upholstered goods, and naturally textured items. Dabble also contributes to enhancing customer engagement by enabling immersive virtual showrooms and shoppable interactions.

Moreover, the platform can be used for various product categories including furniture and decor, wallpaper, tiling and flooring, and art pieces.


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Dabble was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 11th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Virtual photo studio
Customizable studio scenes
Hyper-realistic CGI modeling
Control over camera angles
Control over lighting conditions
Immersive virtual showrooms
Various product category applications
Upload product reference photos
Unlimited creative options
3D modeling of products
Handles complex shapes
Handles upholstered goods
Models naturally textured items
Shoppable interactions
Design own interiors
Professional-grade product images
Contributes to digital marketing
Boosts customer engagement
High accuracy modeling
Tailored for e-commerce


Requires good reference photos
Limited to product categories mentioned
Potentially overwhelming customization options
Offline showroom not supported
Dependent on CGI technology
No mention of direct API integration
No dedicated mobile application
Not suited for outdoor shoots
Difficult for beginners
Limited library of studio scenes


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