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Data-driven stock analysis and optimization solution.
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Danelfin is an AI-powered tool designed to assist investors in making data-driven investment decisions. It aims to help users pick the best stocks and optimize their portfolios by providing unbiased and unique insights.

The tool employs Explainable AI, meaning there are no "black boxes" involved. It transparently analyzes a wide range of daily indicators and features, processing more than 10,000 features per day per stock.

These features include technical, fundamental, and sentiment indicators, totaling over 600 technical, 150 fundamental, and 150 sentiment indicators daily.Danelfin assigns an AI Score to each stock, indicating its probability of beating the market in the following three months.

Users can browse the rankings of stocks in the US and European markets based on their AI Scores. The tool also offers trade ideas based on past performance and provides a historical track record of buy/sell signals for potential trades.Users can track the AI Score evolution of their stocks, receive alerts for upgrades or downgrades in their portfolio, and monitor the probability of their portfolios beating the market.

Additionally, they can identify the optimal time to invest in their preferred stocks by observing the AI Score's evolution.Overall, Danelfin aims to simplify the stock selection process, generate superior returns, and assist users in making informed investment decisions based on data analysis.


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Danelfin was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Analyzes 10,000+ features daily
Covers US and European markets
Offers trade ideas
Historical track record
Optimal investment time identification
Portfolio alerts for score changes
Stock ranking
Data-driven analysis
Unbiased insights
Assists in portfolio optimization
Superior returns
Past performance insights
Monitoring tool for portfolios
Comprehensive feature processing
Supports multiple markets


Limited to US and European markets
Doesn't support all stocks
Lack of real-time data
Doesn't offer mobile app
No integration with trading platforms
No clear data source
Limited to three-month predictions
Focus on large-cap stocks
Backtest only since 2017
Lack of customization features


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Can I browse the ranking of stocks based on their AI Scores in Danelfin?
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Does Danelfin provide assistance in stock selection process?
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