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DashAI is a Chrome extension that grants instant access to ChatGPT, an AI language model, on every webpage. It allows users to open a side chat with a simple shortcut, highlight and execute commands on text, and fill textfields with AI-generated content.

The tool can be customized with the user's API keys, and only requires a one-time payment for unlimited use. The extension includes a prompt library to get started, which can be expanded upon by adding and editing existing commands.

Additionally, AI Text Expander generates content using natural language processing, making it useful for various applications such as summarizing and translating text.

The Chrome extension presents an easy-to-use interface with advantages such as the absence of context switching, access on every webpage, a prompt library, and customizable API key use.

Additionally, this tool has a 7-day refund policy subject to credit card processing fees and offers future updates to the chrome extension, including GPT4 access when available.All data is stored within the user's browser and never on the tool's servers.

Users can contact the support team at [email protected] for bug reports, feature requests, and feedback. The tool is priced at $8 for a one-time payment, making it an affordable option for accessing AI-generated content and language processing on any webpage.


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Pros and Cons


Instant access to ChatGPT
Web-based chatbot
Shortcut to open chat
Highlights and executes commands
Customizable API keys
One-time payment for unlimited use
Includes a prompt library
Can add and edit commands
In-built text expander
Useful for summarizing and translating
No context switching
Available on every webpage
7-day refund policy
Includes future GPT4 access
Data stored in user's browser
Support team available
Affordable one-time payment
Non-recurring use fees
Expands upon user commands
Secure data storage
Offers bug report support
Accepts feature requests
Option for customer feedback
No external server data storage
Extension future updates included
On-screen command execution
Private API key usage
Single shortcut activation
Absence of software switching
Multi-website chat availability
Direct email support access
Command customisation and editing
Prompt library for guidance
Extension refund policy
User-controlled security keys


Limited to Chrome browser
Likely struggles with complex queries
Local browser data storage
Potential privacy concerns
Limited command customization
Instant chat can interrupt user
Limited to English language
Extension updates required
No offline functionality


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