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Extracting business insights from data.
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DataBorg is an AI-powered platform that enables consumers and businesses to enhance their understanding of data using knowledge extraction, integration, and analysis.

The platform offers various tools for knowledge extraction, integration, and comprehension, including named entity recognition, text to knowledge graph conversion, and web question-answering.

The Knowledge Extraction component is capable of transforming unstructured and semi-structured data into weak knowledge graphs, while the Knowledge Integration component links distributed and unconnected knowledge graphs to create a single, multi-access and distributed knowledge repository.

The Knowledge Comprehension component provides a holistic, access-aware view of the knowledge repository and all related data assets. DataBorg's platform capabilities include data harmonization, distributed search, and question answering, enabling users to access their company's knowledge repository in natural language.

DataBorg's insights reveal that the platform components have been in development for over a decade and have been used in production by partners and customers.

The platform has been downloaded more than 2,000 times and is being used by more than 100 users worldwide. DataBorg has helped hundreds of users to shape, evolve and better understand their data, and its components have generated over 1,000 knowledge graphs so far.DataBorg's platform can be applicable for various industries, including chatbots, automotive, sales, predictive maintenance, and fact-checking.

Overall, DataBorg offers an all-in-one AI-powered platform that enables users to hypercharge their data, making data analysis faster and easier.


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Pros and Cons


Knowledge extraction component
Can handle unstructured data
Works with semi-structured data
Creates weak knowledge graphs
Knowledge integration feature
Links distributed knowledge graphs
Creates single knowledge repository
Knowledge comprehension capability
Provides holistic data view
Access-aware data insight
Offers data harmonization
Distributed search capability
Natural language processing
Over decade of development
Used by global partners
More than 2,000 downloads
Over 100 active users
Generated over 1,000 graphs
Applicable across industries
Suitable for chatbot use
Can aid in sales
Facilitates predictive maintenance
Valuable for fact-checking
Text to knowledge graph
Named entity recognition
Extracts over 4,000 entities
Web question-answering feature
Ease of API use
Expert mobility applications
Improves intelligent navigation systems
Sales intelligence feature
Fact-checking capability
Over 1M annual API calls
Platform based on knowledge graphs
Assists in candidate profiling
Promotes data understanding
Helps shape and evolve data
Hypercharges data analysis
Makes data analysis simpler


Limited user base
Unproven for large industries
Only supports weak knowledge graphs
No apparent real-time processing
Not suitable for structured data
Long development, uncertain future improvements
No explicit multi-language support
Lacks transparent pricing info
Limited amount of downloads
Potential difficulty interconnecting knowledge graphs


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How does DataBorg facilitate question answering?
Can DataBorg be used for Industry specific needs like automotive or sales?
What industries benefit most from the use of DataBorg?
How has DataBorg been used by partners and customers so far?
What are the system requirements for installing and running DataBorg?
How can DataBorg assist with predictive maintenance?
How does DataBorg's AI-assisted knowledge comprehension work?
What types of data can DataBorg's knowledge extraction process handle?
How does DataBorg link distributed knowledge graphs to create a unified knowledge repository?
Does DataBorg have a demo version?
How many users are using DataBorg worldwide?
What's the volume of annual API calls handled by DataBorg?
How many knowledge graphs has DataBorg generated so far?
Does DataBorg have any social media channels where I can reach out to them?

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