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Analyzed cloud data with natural language.
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DataChat AI is a cloud-based, natural language analytics tool designed to simplify data science and analytics tasks for users with little or no coding experience.

With the platform's intuitive point-and-click interface and generative AI technology, users can easily carry out data science functions and produce insightful, actionable answers without writing complex Python or SQL code.

DataChat AI is compatible with all sizes of data, from the smallest CSV to the largest data warehouse, and features chat interactions with a natural language interface.

All steps taken in the analysis are transparently documented in plain English, and each step can be easily edited. The platform also allows for collaboration and sharing of insights, with a paired-navigation approach for co-driving analysis with a collaborator.

DataChat AI offers a free tier with access to all analytics features, limited natural language questions, support for 10M data cells and 100MB of storage.

Premium and Enterprise plans offer unlimited natural language questions, support for larger datasets, and unlimited storage, among other features. As a cloud-first platform, DataChat AI offers scalability and cost-savings for users across all plans.

Overall, DataChat AI offers an accessible and intuitive solution for data analytics and data science functions, with generative AI and machine learning tools that simplify the process for all users.


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Pros and Cons


Cloud-based platform
No coding experience required
User-friendly point-and-click interface
Compatible with all data sizes
Natural language interface
Transparent, plain English documentation
Editable analysis steps
Features for collaboration
Paired-navigation for co-analysis
Free tier available
Support for large datasets
Unlimited storage in premium plans
Cost-effectiveness at scale
Improved data analyst productivity
Simplified data science tasks
Intuitive spreadsheet interface
Rich visualization capabilities
Allows sharing of insights
Supports cloud database connections
Single sign-on authentication in enterprise
Enterprise-grade support
Custom deployments in enterprise
Natural language queries generation
Access to all analytics features
Machine learning tools integrated
Support for cloud database connections
Multiple subscription plans
Comprehensive documentation
Support for 10M data cells


Limited free tier functionality
No offline usage
Limited natural language questions
Scaling may lead to cost increase
Limited data cells support
Lack of custom deployment for non-enterprise tiers
Limited storage
Not self-hosted
No documented API support
Lack of integrated learning tools


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