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AI-Powered Marketing Agency for SMBs
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SMBs and creators typically cannot afford to hire a marketing agency. The number of digital tools to manage is becoming overwhelming, there’s a lot of manual work involved in managing campaigns across different channels. Marketers often struggle to interpret the data and often just follow their gut.

This is where DataGems comes in. Imagine that you’re hiring a virtual marketing agency.

You can customize the skills that you need. Think Google Ads optimization, Instagram content analysis, or Hubspot leads generation. All with just a few clicks, no technical knowledge required.

Each skill comes with a selection of pre-built visualizations that transform raw data into insightful charts and graphs instantly. The charts can be easily explained with our context-aware AI.

Thanks to the AI agents behind the skills, you can optimize your campaigns based on personalized recommendations and either delegate some actions to the AI or make adjustments using a simple interface.

Finally, stay up to date with your changing business thanks to automated dashboards and notifications.

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Jul 5, 2024
One of the best AI marketing analytics tools out there.

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DataGems was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 24th 2024.

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Pros and Cons


Data storytelling focus
Marketing data transformation
In-depth updates tracking
Real-time change alerts
Numerous data sources integration
Holistic marketing data overview
Unique data insights discovery
Prebuilt & customizable templates
Wide range of metrics
Operational decision-making support
Use cases for diverse scenarios
Transparent pricing options
Suitable for different needs
Real-time marketing data fluctuations tracking
Assistance in maximizing ROI
Automatic data updates
Pushes team towards data culture
Supports individual creators, SMBs, Enterprises
Fast sign up process


Marketing data focus only
No non-marketing data integrations
No raw data access
Limited template customization
No multi-language support
No free version
No offline access
Dependent on external data sources
Dedicated to specific platforms


What is DataGems?
What can DataGems do for my marketing team?
What major sources of marketing data can be integrated into DataGems?
What is unique about DataGems’ ability to discover data insights?
Can I customize the templates in DataGems?
What kinds of marketing metrics does DataGems offer?
What are AI data agents and what do they do in DataGems?
How does DataGems keep my marketing data up-to-date?
Can DataGems really help me stay ahead of competitors?
Can the DataGems platform assist in optimizing ad spend?
How does DataGems pricing plans work?
What is the role of AI technology in DataGems?
Does DataGems allow a holistic overview of my marketing data landscape?
How can DataGems help me in communicating my business' progress and successes internally?
How does DataGems ensure that the data I receive is fresh and up-to-date?
Is DataGems suitable for individual creators as well as larger businesses?
What different marketing scenarios can DataGems handle?
Does DataGems provide real-time updates?
Does DataGems require a credit card to get started?
Is it easy to sign up for DataGems?

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