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Business conversational data analyzer.
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DataGPT is a conversational AI tool that acts as a data analyst, providing analyst-grade answers to questions in seconds. It offers a modern approach to data analytics, allowing users to make data-informed decisions and optimize growth metrics on a daily basis.The tool features a core analytics engine that conducts intricate analysis against all available data, including segment checks, anomaly detection, outlier identification, funnel analytics, and robust comparative analysis.

It provides comprehensive answers supported by relevant visualizations.DataGPT offers quick and easy setup to any data source, connecting to data sources and suggesting the most relevant metrics and dimensions through its AI onboarding agent.

It has a Lightning Cache feature that processes millions of data points rapidly, boosting query speeds and cutting costs.The Data Navigator allows users to freely explore their data, providing a single interface for analysis without the need for multiple dashboards.

It enables users to view key metrics' performance and drill down to investigate changes accurately.DataGPT is used by innovative, data-driven companies to accelerate revenue growth, save time, reduce costs, and build a more advanced data culture.

It has shown significant revenue growth and cost reduction, resulting in an average ROI of 2,178% per quarter.The tool has received positive feedback from users, who highlight its ability to provide rapid answers, simplify data analysis, and offer insights into the "why" behind the data.


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