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Automated data analysis for informed decisions.
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DataMotto is an AI tool that enables individuals to access their own personal AI for data analysis. This AI proactively analyzes data sources and converts them into valuable insights, aiding in informed decision-making.

The tool addresses three fundamental challenges in customizing data analysis: simplifying complex data, guiding users with relevant questions, and automating code for custom queries.

Klarence, the proactive AI data analyst offered by DataMotto, supports modern data science languages such as Python, R, and SQL. Users can share their insight reports with team members and connect multiple data sources for analysis.

Klarence streamlines the data for focused insights and offers the option to publish analysis notebooks publicly or privately. The workspace feature centralizes analysis activities and team collaboration, while the boards feature helps organize notebooks effectively.

DataMotto's AI capabilities help users make sense of their data within seconds. The tool offers a free plan to get started, ensuring simplicity and speed without the need for a credit card.

DataMotto also provides various resources, including documentation and a blog, to assist users further in maximizing the power of their AI data analyst.


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