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Data analyzed, visualized for non-tech users.
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Datayaki is a data analytics tool that allows users to create widgets by simply asking questions. It eliminates the need to write SQL queries or Excel macros, making it easy to obtain quick answers using plain English.

The tool performs all analysis within the user's browser or backend, ensuring privacy as it only relies on the structure of the data, not its content.Datayaki supports multiple data formats, including Excel spreadsheets on your desktop and SQL databases in the cloud.

It also offers built-in support for XLS and CSV files, allowing users to analyze data across multiple spreadsheets simultaneously.One of the key features of Datayaki is its explainable AI, which provides trust and explainability.

The tool can explain its analysis, and users can guide it if it doesn't get things right. Additionally, Datayaki offers end-to-end encryption for secure collaboration, allowing users to share dashboards and analyses with peers while ensuring data remains accessible only to authorized collaborators.For those preferring SQL or NoSQL databases, Datayaki provides connectors for popular platforms such as Firebase, Postgres, Supabase, Snowflake, and more (availability may vary).Overall, Datayaki is a user-friendly data analytics tool that simplifies the process of obtaining insights by allowing users to ask questions in plain English, handling various data formats, ensuring privacy, and providing explainable analysis.


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