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Datr is an online dating assistant app designed to help users organize their romantic interactions. The tool capitalizes on its integrated AI to provide users with unique conversation openers and helps locate Instagram users in the vicinity.

It seeks to simplify online dating by acting as a central organiser for all dates and related activities. The Datr AI app is free, with the option of purchasing additional features.

It collects personal information, including but not limited to, users' names and emails for an enhanced experience within the service. The data collected remains with Datr and is used in accordance with their privacy policy.

It features the ability for third-party companies and individuals to help provide and further the service. Similarly, there's a possibility of third-party integration for improvement.

It should be noted that the app does not explicitly use 'cookies' but may have third-party code and libraries that do. Users have the option to accept or refuse these cookies, potentially affecting the use of some services.

The security of users' personal information is a high priority for Datr, though absolute security cannot be guaranteed. The app may contain links to other sites that are not operated by them and is not suitable for use by children.


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Datr was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Organizes dating interactions
Finds nearby Instagram users
Centralized dating organizer
Option for paid features
Collects user information for enhancement
Allows third-party integration
Focus on data security
Not suitable for children
Constantly updated privacy policy
Locates potential matches locally
Supports any Apple-branded products
Supports third-party External Services


Requires personal information
Uses third-party code
Possibility of cookie usage
No guarantee absolute security
External links not controlled
Free with paid features
Limited to 16+ users
Location-based service privacy concerns
No explicit cookie usage
Depends on third-party services


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What happens to my data if I stop using Datr?
Can I refuse the use of cookies when using Datr?
Does Datr have a privacy policy I can read before using?
How often does Datr update their privacy policy?
How can Datr help me organize my dates?
How does the location-based service in Datr work?
What improvements does Datr make with my log data?
Does Datr share my email with third-parties?
Are there benefits of sharing my data with third parties through Datr?
How can I purchase additional features on Datr?
Are there any features on Datr that require in-app purchases?
Are there any third-party links within the Datr app?
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