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Natural language SQL operations through database GUI.
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DB Pilot is a modern database GUI enhanced by AI, offering a range of features to simplify and streamline SQL operations. With the help of an AI assistant powered by GPT-3.5, users can write SQL queries using natural language, convert between code and SQL, and explain complex queries.

The tool also includes an embedded DuckDB instance acting as a local hub, making it easy to query different file formats such as CSV, JSON, and Parquet files and store query results without polluting the production database.

DB Pilot supports PostgreSQL databases and plans to support MySQL and SQLite soon. Users can filter tables easily, join different data formats, save query results in different file formats such as CSV, JSON, and Parquet files, and query remote files.

Pricing is straightforward, with a one-time purchase of a lifetime license that includes one year of access to the AI assistant and app updates. DB Pilot's roadmap includes future features such as spreadsheet-like editors, smart code completion that knows about your database schema, and additional database support.

The tool is available for free download, and users can avail of a five-day free trial before purchasing a license. DB Pilot's AI assistant does not have access to any actual data stored in the user's database, thereby ensuring privacy.


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DB Pilot was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 30th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Natural language SQL operations
Queries through database GUI
Converts between code and SQL
Explains complex queries
Embedded DuckDB instance
Queries different file formats
Stores query results locally
Supports PostgreSQL databases
Plans to support MySQL and SQLite
Easy table filtration
Joins different data formats
Saves queries in different formats
Queries remote files
Straightforward pricing
One-time lifetime license purchase
Free download available
Five-day free trial
Privacy ensured
Planned features: spreadsheet-like editors
Planned features: smart code completion
Planned features: additional database support
Translates between code and SQL
Queries local and remote files
Local storage of query results
Can join data from different formats
Can write query results as CSV, JSON, or Parquet
Allows connecting data from different sources
Mac compatible
Continually adding support for databases


Limited database support
API not mentioned
Limited ORM libraries support
Support mainly for SQL
No query/chat history yet
No cross-platform support mentioned
Advanced features in roadmap
Lacks smart code completion
Minimal spreadsheet-like features


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What is the pricing structure for DB Pilot?
What does the DB Pilot lifetime license offer include?
Can DB Pilot store query results locally, and how?
What are the future features on the roadmap for DB Pilot?
Can you filter tables easily in DB Pilot?
Does DB Pilot allow saving query results in different file formats?
Can DB Pilot be used to query remote files?
What does the 'smart code completion' feature in DB Pilot mean?
Can DB Pilot AI assistant explain complex queries?
How can I trial DB Pilot before purchase?
What restrictions does the free DB Pilot version have?
Is there post-purchase support available from DB Pilot?
What systems does DB Pilot support?


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