SQL queries 14 Jan 2023
Database query generator and optimizer for SQL.

Generated by ChatGPT

DB Sensei is an AI-driven database query generator and optimization tool designed to help database professionals, developers and students get faster results and improve their database skills.

By importing a database structure, users can craft complex SQL queries in a friendly and intuitive interface. The AI-driven generator takes the hassle out of crafting the perfect query and the Query Fixer can identify and fix errors in queries.

The Query Explainer provides an in-depth understanding of queries and their results, while the Query Formatter improves readability and understandability of the queries.

Additionally, users can access query logs and take advantage of top-notch support services. DB Sensei is available in three plans with varying query amounts and a 7-day free trial.

Students can get a 40% discount. With DB Sensei, users can quickly boost their productivity and make complex SQL queries a thing of the past.


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