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Database query generator and optimizer for SQL.
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DB Sensei is an AI-driven database query generator and optimization tool designed to help database professionals, developers and students get faster results and improve their database skills.

By importing a database structure, users can craft complex SQL queries in a friendly and intuitive interface. The AI-driven generator takes the hassle out of crafting the perfect query and the Query Fixer can identify and fix errors in queries.

The Query Explainer provides an in-depth understanding of queries and their results, while the Query Formatter improves readability and understandability of the queries.

Additionally, users can access query logs and take advantage of top-notch support services. DB Sensei is available in three plans with varying query amounts and a 7-day free trial.

Students can get a 40% discount. With DB Sensei, users can quickly boost their productivity and make complex SQL queries a thing of the past.


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Pros and Cons


Imports database structure
Friendly, intuitive interface
Automated query generation
Error detection in queries
Query Fixer tool
In-depth explanation of queries
Query Explainer feature
Query Formatter for understandability
Saves and provides query logs
Provides top-notch support
Offers student discounts
Different plans for different needs
7-day free trial available
Boosts productivity
SQL & Eloquent query generation
Database index suggestions
Unlimited database import
Prompts designed for best results
Saves prompt results in log
Compatible with MySQL, Eloquent
Suitable for various SQL databases
Offers tools for complex SQL scenarios
Practical for developers, administrators, students
Access to results after subscription ends
Discounts during product launches


Limited query amounts
Only supports MySQL best
7-day free trial only
Lacks multi-platform support


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