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Improved decision process for teams/individuals.
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Decision is a platform that aims to simplify and improve the decision-making process. It offers features such as assisted decisions, async teamwork, and accessible choices.

The platform utilizes AI technology to assist users in making better decisions. The AI-powered assistant in Decision helps users by providing logical suggestions and different perspectives.

It can assist with brainstorming options, improving writing skills, and providing instant access to key facts related to previous decisions. The assistant also uses past experiences to predict which decision would be the optimal choice.Decision promotes organized communication through channels and searchable archives, allowing for focused conversations and enhanced productivity.

It also supports asynchronous decision making, giving team members space for individual thoughts. The platform preserves knowledge by archiving past decisions, ensuring they are always available for reference.Integration with other tools is a key feature of Decision, enabling users to connect various resources and solve problems effectively.Overall, Decision aims to save time and reduce stress for both teams and individuals by providing a traceable past, an impressive future, and AI-powered decision-making superpowers.


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Decision was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 25th 2023.

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Pros and Cons


Assisted decision-making
Improved writing assistance
Key facts retrieval
Predictive suggestions based on past decisions
Integrated with other tools
Supports async teamwork
Archives past decisions
Promotes organized communication
Channels and searchable archives
Usable on any device
Aligns team productivity
Access to a permanent, traceable history
Improves brainstorming options
Effective even with employee turnover
Transforms decision-making process
Offers different perspective options
Supports risk-impact estimation
Evaluation matrices support
Can use Pros and Cons framework
Best/Worst case scenario assessment
Logical suggestions provided
Preserves decision-related knowledge


Still in waitlist phase
Limited third-party integrations
No offline functionality
Lack of user customization
Limited language support
No mobile application
Limited formats for data analysis
Employee turnover knowledge preservation untested
Requires frequent updates
No clear pricing structure


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How can Decision assist with reducing stress associated with decision making?

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