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Decision Mentor is a multi-criteria decision making application designed to simplify complex decision-making for both public and private contexts. The tool facilitates a problem-solving and critical thinking approach towards decision-making processes.

It functions through an AI-driven, criteria-based process that allows users to identify preferred alternatives, prioritize their criteria, and compare options side by side, providing a visual representation of decisions.

The compatibility with different user types, individuals, teams, or organizations, makes it versatile for various use-cases. Users' privacy is taken seriously; while information about personal decisions remains confidential, decisions opted public by users are shared in the public feed.

Decision Mentor is underpinned by an Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), a Multiple Criteria Decision Making/Analysis (MCDM/MCDA) theory developed by Prof.

Thomas L. Saaty. Furthermore, the tool integrates OpenAIs GPT-3.5 API for criterial suggestions, utilizing machine learning algorithms to analyze users' inputs and offer relevant advice.

This application is suitable for users seeking aid in navigating complex choices or lacking advisory support on critical decisions.


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Pros and Cons


Chat-based suggestions
Decision visualization capabilities
PUBLIC/PRIVATE decision-making settings
Anonymously learn from others' decisions
Multi-criteria decision making
Clean, user-friendly design
Available on Android and iOS
Early access to new features
Endless use-cases
Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) based
Multiple Criteria Decision Making/Analysis (MCDM/MCDA)
Private data stays confidential
Public decisions shared in feed
Offers clear criteria for judgments
Supports team and organizational use
Versatility across different user types
Incorporates critical thinking approach
Visual representation of decisions
Problem-solving facilitated
Navigates complex choices
Advisory support for decisions
Privacy ensures
Logically compares options


Limited to chat-based suggestions
No API mentioned
Dependent on user-shared decisions
Potential bias due to AHP
No offline functionality specified
Subscription required for early features
No white-labeling option
No multi-user collaboration feature
May cause information overload


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What is the Multiple Criteria Decision Making/Analysis used by DecisionMentor?
How does DecisionMent or use machine learning algorithms to suggest criteria?
What does the visualization feature in DecisionMentor do?
Who typically uses DecisionMentor?
How has DecisionMentor been received by its users?
What privacy measures does DecisionMentor take for individual decisions?
How does the social sharing feature of DecisionMentor work and what is the purpose?
How does DecisionMentor use OpenAI GPT-3.5 integration?
What critical thinking methods are applied in the DecisionMentor?
Can DecisionMentor be used by organizations?
How are users' preferences analyzed by DecisionMentor?
How can users share their decisions on DecisionMentor?
What is the purpose of the chat-based suggestions feature in DecisionMentor?

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