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Database query generation and data analytics.
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Deekard is a generative analytics platform that enables users to connect their databases with AI to obtain instant answers. It offers a variety of features to enhance data access and analysis for users of all skill levels.

With Deekard's natural language data access, users can enter requests using plain language and receive responses within seconds. The platform also provides a graphical query builder, allowing users to easily refine queries through a visual interface.

For advanced users, Deekard offers an AI-based SQL editor that assists in writing, editing, and fixing SQL queries.Deekard simplifies the process of creating dashboards from databases, enabling users to generate and share insights with their teams in just minutes.

The platform's AI-assistant automates the heavy lifting involved in data extraction and analysis, ensuring that users of all skill levels can successfully utilize complex queries.Setting up Deekard is straightforward, requiring only the connection details of the user's database.

The platform automatically generates a data app tailored to the user's needs. Additionally, Deekard generates an automated data catalog that provides searchable descriptions of tables, columns, and values within the database.Deekard also facilitates data sharing, allowing users to create customizable data portals for internal and external team members.

Team management, permissions granting, and collaboration become streamlined through Deekard's interface.Overall, Deekard empowers users to extract insights from databases efficiently, eliminating the need to rely on data teams or struggle with undocumented schemas and debugging SQL queries.


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