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Improved recruitment interviews for businesses.
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The AI Interview tool from Deepbrain AI is an innovative AI-powered interview service that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of recruitment processes.

It is designed to help businesses conduct interviews with multiple candidates simultaneously, saving hiring managers time and resources. This tool generates a list of relevant and tailored interview questions based on a candidate's experience, saving a significant amount of time for the interviewer.

The AI algorithm also analyzes the applicant's propensity and characteristics based on their interview answers, making it easier to extract insights about each candidate.

The AI Interview tool is a cost-effective recruiting solution for businesses, thanks to its automatic question generation process and easy interview process.

After emailing the interview questions, the interviewee can submit their interview videos immediately after answering, making the process straightforward.

The tool can also be used to scale recruitment processes to meet demand, without the need to hire additional human interviewers. Additionally, the tool offers multiple language support through 2D AI Humans that speak Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and English in their native languages and 3D Humans that speak more than 200 languages around the world to provide consulting services.

Overall, AI Interview is a tool that reduces the complexity of the hiring process and helps businesses hire the right candidate efficiently and effectively.


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Pros and Cons


Multiple language support
Automatic question generation
Time-effective for interviewers
Proactive interviewee analysis
Simultaneous multi-candidate interviewing
Scalability for recruitment volume
Cost-effective hiring solution
Video submission for answers
Streamlined interview process
+200 languages consulting services
3D Humans support


Limited language proficiency support
No live interviewer
Limited interaction with candidates
Video submission glitch potential
Difficult to customize interviews
Relies on strong internet connection
Potential for unfair algorithm evaluation
Limited personality assessment
Reduces human element


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