Spotify Q&A 2023-02-08
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Spotify data analysis through natural language text.
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DeepCuts is an AI powered app from Seek AI that allows Spotify users to explore their data in a deeper way by asking questions in natural language. With DeepCuts, users can ask questions such as “What are my top 10 genres?” or “Who do I listen to that is ‘float house’?” and get instant answers.

DeepCuts is part of the Seek AI platform, which provides data teams with the ability to ask questions in natural language and get the data they need quickly.

It is available for trial use, and users should be aware of the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy provided by Seek AI Inc. before using the app.


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DeepCuts AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Natural language processing
Specific Spotify data analysis
Instant data retrieval
Easy Spotify connection
Allows personalized queries
Top genre identification
Music preference analysis
Data layer intelligence
Fast query results
JavaScript enabled
Trial use available
Data team friendly
Allows obscure genre identification
Understanding of complex queries
Concise answer generation
Dedicated app for Spotify
Comprehensive Terms of Service
Detailed Privacy Policy
Instant answer generation
Supports unique music queries


Limited to Spotify data
Requires JavaScript enabled
No API mentioned
Trial usage unclear
Terms of Service requirements
Privacy policy requirements
Specific to music data
Depends on Spotify connectivity
DeepCuts is platform-specific
Lack of multi-platform support


What is DeepCuts AI?
What does DeepCuts AI do with my Spotify data?
What sort of questions can I ask DeepCuts AI about my Spotify data?
What is 'float house' on DeepCuts AI?
Is DeepCuts AI part of the Seek AI platform?
Who are the creators of DeepCuts AI?
What is the Seek AI platform and how is it related to DeepCuts AI?
Can I use DeepCuts AI for a trial period?
What are the terms of service for using DeepCuts AI?
What is the privacy policy of DeepCuts AI?
Do I need to enable JavaScript to use DeepCuts AI?
How can DeepCuts AI enhance my Spotify experience?
Can organisations use the Seek AI platform and DeepCuts AI for their data teams?
Who can use DeepCuts AI?
How do I get the data I need fast with DeepCuts AI?
How can DeepCuts help me understand my listening habits?
How does DeepCuts AI handle user data?
Can DeepCuts AI provide me with a list of my top 10 genres on Spotify?
Can I use DeepCuts AI if I am not a Spotify user?
Can DeepCuts AI help me discover new music genres on Spotify?

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