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Pulls all your data into a single place for analytics and dashboards.
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Definite is a comprehensive solution designed to make complex data analytics and business intelligence (BI) easier. It is structured as a four-layered system.

First, it features over 500 pre-integrated data sources, automating the usually time-consuming process of data extraction. Second, it provisions a fully managed and secure data warehouse.

Here, data from multiple sources is stored in a standardized format, providing a single source of truth for all data queries. Its third feature is its cleaning function.

Definite standardizes messy data ensuring uniformity in derived insights. For instance, different data sources may have varying interpretations of 'Active Users', but in Definite's warehouse, 'Active Users' always equals 'Active Users'.

The final layer of Definite is its built-in BI tool that lets anyone ask questions in plain English. Functions include exploring data, creating visualizations, presenting dashboards, and setting alerts for shifts in business metrics.

This tool was designed to be user-friendly, aiming to reduce dependence on technical teams for simple queries. Intended as an all-encompassing solution, it replaces the need for various disparate tools in data extraction, warehousing, cleaning, and BI.

It's designed for use by businesses of all types and sizes, especially those wanting to simplify and streamline their data handling processes.


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Pros and Cons


Slackbot integration
Natural language queries
Fast data iteration
Efficient data visualization
Reduces data team's workload
Streamlines analytical workflows
Integrates with existing data stacks
Multiple pricing tiers
500+ pre-integrated data sources
Managed, secure data warehouse
Data standardization
Automatic data extraction
Built-in BI tool
Plain English data queries
Automated data processing
Replaces multiple disparate tools
Business metric alerts
Suitable for any business size
Data cleaning function
Single source of truth
Supports non-technical users
SOC2 compliance
Automates pipeline construction
Live data source connections
Unified 'Active Users' interpretation
Built-in data modeling
User-friendly interface
Reduces reliance on technical teams
Comprehensive data solution
Real-time business insights
Premade data visualizations
Automates data warehousing
Automates data extraction
Dashboard presentation capabilities
Live connectors to data sources
Supports plain English queries
No SQL or engineering required
Compatibility with multiple sources
Replaces need for external BI tools
Simplifies complex data analytics
Four-layered system structure
Eliminates manual data updates
Frees up time for meaningful work
Eliminates ad hoc requests
Faster and efficient data analysis
Can replace tools like Fivetran, Airbyte, Stitch
Can replace tools like Snowflake, Bigquery, Redshift
Can replace tools like Looker, PowerBI, Tableau
Automated dashboard updates
Built for discovery of new insights
Alerts for shifts in metrics


No SQL support
Dependent on built-in integrations
No open-source model
Limited user roles in basic plan
Potential standardization inconsistencies
No stated support for multinational languages
Limited visualization capabilities
Dependent on system-prescribed data warehouse
Doesn't replace all BI tools
No explicit data security feature


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Can Definite help with data cleaning?
What are the capabilities of Definite's built-in BI tool?
How can Definite replace other data extraction and warehousing tools?
What does Definite mean by 'Active Users equals Active Users'?
Does Definite allow to set alerts for shifts in business metrics?
Is there any limit on the number of integrations allowed in the Basic plan of Definite?
How does Definite assist in the process of building analytical workflows?
Can non-technical user use Definite for querying data?

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