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Automated customer support email replies with chatbot
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI tool designed to automate customer support email replies. It allows users to deflect emails before they reach their support inbox, freeing up time for the support team to focus on resolving real issues.

With, users can utilize their existing AI chatbot or the tool's built-in AI bot to answer emails automatically.The tool offers features such as inbox alias for automatic processing, data extraction and fetching answers, a fallback scenario for when the tool is deactivated or reaches its plan limit, and the ability for customers to reply to incorrect AI chatbot answers. provides a dashboard for monitoring email ingestion, deflection rates, and other metrics.Additionally, the tool supports various integrations, allowing users to bring their own AI chatbot or use providers such as Mendable, AskAI, and Chatbase. also has built-in AI capabilities, where users can input URLs or knowledge base offers a range of plans, including a free plan with limited deflections and inboxes, and paid plans with higher deflection limits and additional features.

The tool does not offer refunds for canceled paid plans. supports multiple languages, as users can control the reply email template strings and most AI providers work with multiple languages.Note: The exact numbers and specific features mentioned in the text have been paraphrased or generalized to maintain relevance despite potential changes.


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Pros and Cons


Automates customer support emails
Dashboard for monitoring metrics
Deflection rates observable
Supports external integrations
Supports multiple languages
Fallback scenario functionality
Data extraction feature
Email reply customization
Various plan options
Free plan availability
Automatic processing with alias
Allows customer's reply relay
Incorrect answer handling
Ability to input URLs
Knowledge base sitemaps input
Inbuilt bot solution
Dashboard shows email statistics
Potential for 50% deflection
Does not require credit card


No refunds for canceled plans
Language detection not present
Limited deflections in free plan
Depends on chatbot's effectiveness
Possible delay due to deactivation
Dashboard might not track everything
Limited inbox aliases
Potential mismatch due to multilanguage
Requires setting up multiple inboxes for different languages


What is
How does automate customer support email replies?
Can be integrated with my existing AI chatbot?
What alternative AI providers can I use with
What is the purpose of the inbox alias in
How does handle data extraction and answer fetching?
What is a fallback scenario in the context of
What happens in if a customer replies to an incorrect AI chatbot answer?
What information can I monitor on the dashboard?
Can reply in multiple languages?
What plans does offer and what are their key features?
Are there any refunds for canceled paid plans in
Is language detection a feature provided in
How does determine an 'email deflection'?
What is an inbox within the system?
Can be tested for free before investing in a paid plan?
How do paid plans work in and how can I upgrade?
Can work without utilizing an AI chat tool?
Where can I find more detailed documentation for
What future features are planned for

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