Database Q&A 2022-12-30
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Queries natural language datasets.
Generated by ChatGPT is a natural language data query tool that is embedded in applications. The tool allows users to ask free-form data questions and access data from CSV files or predefined datasets.

Data can be queried from databases such as Redshift and ticket sales, with examples such as a sample dataset called Tickit. The tool enables users to ask questions in any language and provides answers to long-tail questions.

Unlike other solutions, Defog allows data superpowers without compromising on privacy, as it only needs access to the database schema, not the actual data.

The tool is backed by Y Combinator and has a demo available, allowing users to embed data superpowers in their app.


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Defog was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 12th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Free-form data questions
Works with CSV files
Access to various databases
Allows data queries in multiple languages
Answers to long-tail questions
No compromise on privacy
Only requires access to database schema
Embedded in applications
Y Combinator backed
Available demo
Can be embedded as a widget
Answering questions across different domains
Integrate intelligence without exposing data


Only supports CSV files
No support for SQL databases
Limited predefined datasets
Non-customizable data privacy settings
Language limitations
Limited feature set
Lacks mature API
Dependency on external databases
No offline functionality
Doesn't support real-time data


What is
What is the main functionality of
How does allow users to access data?
What kind of data can be queried with
Which databases are supported by for data querying?
Does support data queries in languages other than English?
What is Defog's approach to privacy and data access?
What is a long-tail question and how can handle them?
How can be used in my application?
What is an example of a query that can be made with
Who backed the development of
Is there a demo available to test
Can I upload personal CSV files to use with
What is the Tickit dataset in regards to
What does 'data superpowers without privacy compromises' refer to?
How does provide answers to free-form data questions?
Is a stand alone tool or does it need to be embedded into an app?
What exactly can be done by embedding Defog in my app?
Can Defog handle multiple language queries?
How does Defog handle data privacy?

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