Demand forecasting 2023-08-25
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Predicted sales, optimized operations.
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The Demand Forecast App with Artificial Intelligence is a web application aimed at micro and small companies to help them accurately forecast the demand for their products or services.

This innovative tool utilizes powerful classical and machine learning algorithms to analyze historical sales data, considering its variability and seasonality, to predict future demand with great precision.The app offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, allowing users to load their data sets in Excel and obtain the best forecast using estimated models such as ets, arima, prophet, random forest, and svm.

The intelligent algorithm automatically selects the most suitable model for each product.Once the models are trained, the app provides clear visualizations and interactive graphs displaying the predicted demand over time.

These predictions enable companies to make informed decisions about production, inventory, and supply chain, optimizing efficiency and reducing operating costs.The Demand Forecast App is ideal for companies undergoing digital transformation and wanting to optimize resources.

It is designed to reliably forecast demand and maximize business performance in an increasingly competitive marketplace.Key characteristics of the app include historical data viewing in tables and graphs, demand forecasts for a maximum 12-month horizon, detection and imputation of outliers and lost data, an intelligent model competition algorithm supporting up to 5 model families, selection of the best forecast model, prediction system KPIs (MASE and MAPE), support for up to 100 products or SKUs, permanent updates, and free email support.


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