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Efficient eCommerce marketing content creation.
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Describely is an AI-powered product content creation software designed for product descriptions, titles, and other eCommerce content. It is a trusted tool used by product and eCommerce marketers.

The software offers a range of features to facilitate effortless content creation at scale. It enables users to generate high-quality product content in seconds, manage their product catalog efficiently, and generate bulk product content.

Describely integrates seamlessly with various eCommerce tools and platforms, including Shopify, to enhance user experience and productivity. It supports the creation of content for multiple brands and enables integration with Product Information Management (PIM) systems.

The software also provides SEO optimization and keyword data, as well as integrated review moderation.Manufacturers can leverage Describely to save time on sales and marketing efforts by using AI-written product descriptions that improve search rankings, leading to increased sales.

Retailers and resellers can create unique product descriptions to differentiate their products or optimize existing listings for better search engine ranking.

Agencies can support a higher volume of customers while reducing operational costs through the AI content generator.Users praise Describely for its ease of use, fast content generation, ability to customize content for different tones and voices, and the inclusion of variations for each item.

The tool is compatible with multiple platforms and allows collaboration among team members. It offers a free trial without requiring a credit card.Overall, Describely is a valuable AI tool for eCommerce marketers, providing efficient and high-quality content creation solutions.


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Pros and Cons


Generates eCommerce marketing content
Designed for product descriptions
Creates high-quality product content
Offers advanced catalog management
Supports bulk content generation
Integrates with eCommerce tools
Seamless Shopify integration
Supports multiple brand content
Enables PIM system integration
Includes SEO optimization features
Provides keyword data
Built-in review moderation
Saves time on marketing
Improves search rankings
Helps increase sales
Creates unique product descriptions
Customizable content tones, voices
Compatible with multiple platforms
Facilitates team collaboration
No credit card for trial
Can edit, copy, publish immediately
Enables multiple brand voices
Assign copy to team members
SEO and keyword data access
Allows content bulk creation
Supports manufacturers, retailers, resellers, agencies
Allows brand product differentiation
Enables SERP standings improvement
Facilitates lead conversion
Helps manage operational costs
Supports significant customer volume
Can handle different industries' voices
Efficient budget management
Ease of use for eCommerce
Unlimited content variations
Includes eCommerce CMS integrations
Integrated with WooCommerce
PIM integration e.g. Salsify
Offers unique tone, voice training
Best collaboration tool for eCommerce
Generates product titles, tags, metadescriptions
Platform independent content creation
Optimized for retail, manufacturing
Proprietary solutions for unique needs
Supports brand tone, voice matching
Can invite others into account
Works with any browser.


No offline functionality
Limited eCommerce platform integration
No multilingual support
Limited customizability options
No machine learning adaptability
Doesn't handle large content volumes
Limited SEO and keyword support
No auto-update feature
No Android or iOS apps
No customer support chat


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Can Describely be integrated with other eCommerce platforms?
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How does Describely assist with SEO optimization?
What is the role of the integrated review moderation in Describely?
How is Describely helpful for manufacturers and retailers?
Can Describely be used by agencies?
Can Describely customize content for different tones and voices?
Is Describely compatible with multiple platforms?
Can Describely facilitate collaboration among team members?
What variations does Describely offer for each item?
Is there a free trial for Describely?
How can I sign up for Describely?
What kind of product content can Describely generate?
Can Describely generate bulk product content?
How does Describely manage the product catalog?
Can I use Describely to save time on sales and marketing efforts?

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