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AI and human transcription with industry-leading accuracy
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Descript is an AI tool designed to facilitate and revolutionize audio and video transcription, making it nearly instantaneous with industry-leading accuracy.

It also supports live collaboration, searches, and automatic speaker identification. A distinguishing feature of Descript is 'Underlord', an AI-powered editing assistant that aids creative processes.

The platform offers ease in video editing, likening the complexity to using documents and slides. It also supports multitrack audio editing, which is particularly useful for podcasting.

In addition, Descript aids in the selection of the best clips for the users through its AI capabilities, and it supports remote recording, allowing the creation of podcasts and videos regardless of location.

It provides automatic transcription with robust tools for correcting any possible errors. To extend the reach of the content, Descript also has a feature for adding subtitles with just a single click.

For further creativity, AI speech is available where users can create realistic voice clones or pick from stock AI voices. Additional features also include screen recording, translation, and various audio enhancements for improving the clarity and quality of sound.

It's important to note that the data within Descript is confidential, providing secure and private information handling. Descript supports transcription in 22 languages, broadening its accessibility and usefulness.

Descript was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 25th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Near-instant transcription turnaround
Inexpensive transcription service
Automatic speaker labels
22 supported languages
Secure cloud storage
Full version history
Collaboration from anywhere
Free plan available
White Glove 99% accuracy service
Editing capabilities
Workflow management
Storytelling assistance
Video editing support
Automatic transcription
Error correction for transcription
Simplified video editing
Multitrack audio editing
Remote recording support
One-click subtitles
Screen recording
Translation services
Audio enhancements (clarity, quality)
Confidential data handling
Automatic multicam support
Video Regeneration
Studio sound feature
Remove filler words and retakes
Automatic speaker identification
Podcast creation support
Captions extending content reach
Realistic voice clone creation
Green screen feature
Eye contact adjustment
Create video clips and descriptions
Create YouTube show notes
Supports marketing and promotions
Enterprise collaboration
Sales and Learning development capabilities
Automatic transcription correction
Community for creators
Supports marketing, sales, learning functions
Remote and local screen recording
High privacy standards
Affiliate program availability
Single tool for video creation


Only 22 languages supported
Dependent on internet connectivity
Limited free plan
Potential cloud privacy issues
No offline mode
Transcription error correction needed
Multicam feature coming soon
Possibly confusing for beginners
Voice clone ethical concerns


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