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Automated product description generation for e-commerce.
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Descritella AI is an AI-powered app that uses advanced image recognition and machine learning technology to simplify the process of creating product descriptions, features, and keywords.

The platform works by allowing users to upload an image of a product and then using AI algorithms to analyze the image and extract relevant information.

This information is then used to generate product descriptions, features, and keywords that can be easily edited and customized to meet specific needs.

Additionally, Descritella AI offers a multi-photo uploader feature that allows users to upload multiple images at once, saving time and effort. This technology is ideal for e-commerce retailers and product manufacturers looking to automate and streamline their product descriptions and increase their online visibility.


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Descritella was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 9th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Image recognition for products
Generates product descriptions
Generates product features
Generates product keywords
Tailorable outputs
Saves time
Increases online visibility
Multi-photo uploading
User-friendly interface
Promotes increased productivity
Provides several title options
Allows user edits
Streamlines business process
Useful for e-commerce retailers
Useful for product manufacturers
High-quality output
Accurate product representation
Enhanced content customization
Easily shareable content
Supports various digital channels
Simplifies related tasks


Single photo upload limitation
Dependent on image quality
No built-in grammar check
No language options
Might under/over-interpret images
No multi-platform support
No batch processing
Manual editing required
Beta version - Potential bugs


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How does Descritella AI increase online visibility for products?
How does the image recognition in Descritella AI work?
Can Descritella AI analyze multiple images at one go?
Is Descritella AI useful for e-commerce retailers?
Is AI technology used to generate product titles and features in Descritella?
How accurate are the product descriptions generated by Descritella AI?
How can I edit the content generated by Descritella AI?
Where can I publish the content generated by Descritella AI?
Can Descritella AI extract keywords from images?
What are the steps involved in creating a product description using Descritella AI?
Can Descritella AI extract product details from images?
Is Descritella AI effective for product manufacturers?
What information does Descritella AI require to generate product descriptions?
Can Descritella AI analyze high-resolution images?
What is the process of sharing product descriptions, features, and keywords after Descritella AI generates them?

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