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Design feedback consolidation and task management
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DesignPro is an AI tool that aims to enhance the efficiency of design reviews by gathering and synthesizing feedback to create clear and actionable tasks and insights.

The tool offers several features to streamline collaboration with stakeholders and customers. It can instantly synthesize design critiques and product reviews into actionable tasks, directly within design software like Figma or Figjam.

Furthermore, DesignPro saves significant time by automatically generating transcripts from platforms like Loom or Zoom, making it easier to analyze product reviews or user feedback.DesignPro also facilitates task management by visualizing tasks in a single inbox, allowing users to easily review, prioritize, and assign them.

Additionally, the tool offers the ability to export tasks to popular project management platforms such as Jira, Kanban, or Notion.Users can consolidate tasks from various sources, including Figma, Loom, Slack channels, and other apps, into a single repository for easy access and tracking.

DesignPro even offers the opportunity to add expert reviewers from top companies, ensuring valuable feedback whenever needed.By synthesizing reviews and enabling faster iterations, DesignPro helps to save time and costs in the design process.

It offers different pricing plans, including a Starter plan and a Pro plan (coming soon), each with different features and credits for expert reviews.

DesignPro is a valuable tool for designers and product teams looking to improve the effectiveness and organization of design feedback and task management.


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